It is absolutely true and clear that 750,000 or so kids brought to the US by their parents (through no fault of the innocent kids) will be facing the legal realities of what DACA does or doesn’t do.

DACA stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

But as always, politicians love waving flags if it means uninformed people will follow them along and cheer (and vote for them when the time comes). So blind is the public that if anyone offers them money to march and protest, they willingly accept the payment and give up school, their jobs and their government subsidies to march in the streets.

Who would do such a thing as to encourage people to march and protest?  Barack Hussein Obama’s 501 (C) 4 does exactly that – his non profit organization teaches people how to march, protest, resist and persist.

What kids don’t realize is that Obama’s organization will not defend them when they lose their Pell Grants. Obama’s organization will not defend their right to march in the streets. And neither will most of America.

You see, most of America doesn’t care if DACA students choose to march the streets. They just don’t want to pay for it. It has been found that similarly to when Hillary Clinton and the DNC were paying protesters to turn Sanders and now Trumps events on their heads, while they will use the same tactics, Obama’s organization will not replace any form of income a marcher loses as a result of being found out.

What’s going on is real – it is not a game or a joke of any kind. When asked if they are going to provide care or replacement subsidies for those that lose their benefits due to marching the streets when they depend on government subsidies – the Obama organization said, “Absolutely not.”

So if you’re on any kind of government subsidy, whether it’s academic as in a Pell Grant, or you’re on any type of academic subsidy, or if your income has something to do with the Arts, or if you get food stamps or any social service subsidy or day care and you’re marching the streets instead of being where you’re supposed to be and doing what you’re supposed to be doing – kiss your money goodbye!

Most Americans don’t really care about the reason marchers are marching and protesting they just refuse to pay for it.

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