Stewart and I have known Manny Hernandez for many, many years. Finally, we were able to get him to squeeze into his very busy schedule, a CONVERSATION with STEWART STEWART

Photographer Manny Hernandez has made his mark on the Society Pages, capturing images of celebrities and fashion icons at their best and their worst.

Manny’s enthusiasm for photography started in high school.  After graduating from college, photography became his passion and his profession.

Manny has focused on nightlife, arts, and society, photographing the rich, the famous, the beautiful, and the colorful characters who are part of that scene.

Bee Gees at there studio in Miami Beach. 1996
manny hernandez photos

His photos have appeared in the Miami Herald, Ocean Drive, Haute Living, and too many other publications to name.

Getty Images represents him and his archive, but Manny also works directly with publications and does hired gigs for clients.

Photos used in this video are courtesy of Manny Hernandez and Dena Stewart.

Manny Hernandez with Charlie Cinnamon, Publicist to the Stars