That’s just an opinion but from sheer stubborness, she may choose to prove me wrong. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow saw a steep drop in ratings the day after she released one of President Trump’s tax forms.  Maddow and her other host Chris Hayes promoted the broadcast like it was the second coming. They spoke of a “breaking” revelation, and Maddow dedicated the majority of her show to Trump’s 1040 form from 2005.

Rachel was counting on hiding behind the First Amendment as she broadcast President Trump’s tax returns but Federal Law trumps the First Amendment (forgive the pun).

She took a big beating from her ‘big mistake’ and now faces some very real legal consequences she can’t stop no matter how hard she waves her orchestra leader arms.

But everyone has a hard day from time to time – this was hers. We’ve learned she’s actually a very nice human being and people that have worked with her – swear by her. They say she is kind, and funny and treats everyone with care, empathy and respect.

Everyone except the President of the United States who happens to be the most powerful man in the world.  For Rachel to continue this obsession with getting him removed from office is going to ruin her life in ways she can’t imagine. President Trump will serve his term (or two) and she’ll have difficulty with contacts, employment – everything. Why? People are predictable and enjoy stability. No one is going to do business with someone they think isn’t trusted by Secret Service or the President of the United States.

Now if we can get her to start with a personal apology letter written directly to President Trump, I know he’s a merciful man. It’s true that he’s been annoyed by her for a  very long time but he’s also a forgiving man. Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but make fun of the fiasco.

Rachel and her partner Susan live in a very fancy retrofitted barn in Western Mass. They lead a normal life save for their claim of choosing not to have a television set.

Partners Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula live in a repurposed barn with no TV in Western Mass.

Everything published about this couple says they have no television but I see a television there smack in the middle of their living room.

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