In honor of John F. Kennedy’ 50th anniversary of his visit to Ireland. Michael Londra was invited to the Emerald Isle to perform as part of the celebration ceremony. 

To kick off the festivities, Michael ventured to Arlington, Virginia on June 18th to serenade the crowd at JFK’s gravesite. There, he was invited to participate in the lighting of a torch with the Eternal Flame, which would then make its journey across the Atlantic for The Homecoming event in Ireland.

Michael & the Eternal Flame

To commemorate the anniversary, Londra teamed up with Grammy award winning songwriter Marcus Hummon to compose a single for the late president. Michael performed “Song For John” at the celebration in front of the Kennedy family.  The song was written as an ode to JFK who, for Londra, helped manifest the ‘American Dream”. You can view the music video here or download the single via iTunes here.

As a native of Wexford, the town where the ceremony took place, Londra recalls growing up in the years following the iconic president’s visit.

Michael and Judy Collins

“I was born a few years after JFK visited but my earliest memories of Wexford are that no matter where I went, in every house, there was a picture of him on every parlour wall, usually with Bobby and Pope John XXIII.”

Londra was voted Best Tenor at the 2012’s Irish Music Awards and is considered to be one of the greatest Irish tenors of all time.  The Irish Emigrant has called his rendition of the infamous Irish ballad “Danny Boy” one of the “best recordings of ‘Danny Boy’ in history.

Londra, who has returned to the states for his Boston Common concert on July 19th, took his blog for a moment to reflect on a week dedicated to his artistry and honoring the man who helped instill hope for his future.


“When I left for

America, JFK was front and center in my mind. He represented the American Dream to me. I have gotten to live that dream. This week I was able to thank him, honor him, sing for him. It was perfect.”

Invited to perform on the Celtic Thunder Cruise this November

Following his return from Ireland, Michael has announced that he will be performing among other world-renowned artists for the first ever Celtic Thunder Cruise.

To kick off the 5 day cruise, Michael will be hosting a CD release party at Fado in Miami the night before the ship departs.

Michael and his fellow performers will be joined by 1,500 fans, who will all board the Carnival Victory on November 2nd in Miami, Florida to embark on their journey to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.

Michael is honored to have been asked to perform among great artists on this cruise through the Caribbean. He will be in good company of fellow Irish performers including Celtic Thunder, a singing group who is currently #1 on the world charts for their latest release Mythology, along with Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne, George Donaldson, Keith Harkin, and other talented Irish artists.

For more information regarding the Celtic Thunder Cruise Click Here!

Welcome back Michael, thank you for sharing all of this wonderful news with us.


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By Ruthie DiTucci

We all knew a day would come when the iconic Irish tenors would see a changing of the guard and a new voice would honor their heritage. Michael Londra is just too modest to say such a thing, but I am not. I have heard all the tenors, but his voice ~ well, it is new ~ it is fresh~ it is different.  I predict he will become the known Irish tenor of our time.

Verses and words leave his mouth as if they were winged birds. And where you expected to hear a routine note from a familiar song such as Danny Boy, he completely surprises you by replacing it with an unexpected vibrato. So high go his notes that you wonder if he is lip syncing but he is not.

His voice comes from somewhere deep inside him. He carries his music with a tenderness and sentimentality, that you wonder whether he’s going to start weeping… or if you are.

He sings with a crisp clarity that doesn’t allow for confusion. Like Sinatra, because of his precise diction and delivery, you always know exactly what he said. Nothing is obscured.

Michael has been invited to sing in Arlington, VA on June 18 at the graveside of President Kennedy as part of the ceremony to light the eternal flame before it journeys to Ireland for The Homecoming where Michael will perform for Caroline Kennedy, Jean Kennedy Smith and many more of the Kennedy family, with artists like Judy Collins, Michael Flatley, Colm Toibin on June 22 at the JFK 50 celebrations.

Here is a preview of  “Song for John” written by Marcus Hummon and Michael Londra to honor President John F. Kennedy and his connection to Wexford, Ireland.

This song will be released as a single. More details surrounding the release date should be available by June 1, 2013.

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