My name is Tony Crespo and and I’m the Director of LBGT at SyndicatedNews.NET. I was born in New York City, but my parents are both from Puerto Rico. I guess you can say I‘m a New Yorican. I was a New York City Police Officer for a full twenty year tour.

I began my career as a street cop in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In 1996 I transferred from Manhattan to a precinct in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn GLBT where I worked as the NYPD’s liaison to the local gay and lesbian community.

I worked for the Department’s Investigative Resource Division and was eventually promoted to Detective and I am now the Director of LBGT at SyndicatedNews.NET.

[box] Gay & Lesbian Wedding rings [/box] In 1995 I was injured on the job. I sustained a knife wound to my chest and a bullet wound to my knee while saving the life of another police officer.

The story was picked up by every major newspaper and television news show, and they called me a “hero”. One thing they failed to mention was that my roommate was more than just my roommate.

I was interviewed by several reporters after this incident and made it very clear, to all of them, that my so-called “roommate” was (at the time) my lover. But somehow by the time the story was printed my lover remained just my roommate.

I felt this had to be corrected because the account, of an openly gay police officer, could have been an inspiration to the gay and lesbian community. The account of this incident could have helped shatter the stereotypical views of those who feel we are incapable of responding in a crucial situation.

Well, two years later, in 1997 when I was presented with the Medal for Valor by the New York City Police Department, I got a second chance to make sure that everyone knew what my situation was. When the press got wind of it – every TV news channel, newspaper and radio station began calling Police Headquarters asking to do an interview with me.

All because I was being recognized as the first openly gay police officer ever to receive the NYPD’s Medal for Valor. I have since retired from the NYPD and live in Florida.

Coming off of our historic St. Pat’s For All Parade where we were joined by the NYPD American Legion, Guardians Association and Square Club, we are now excited to host our 32nd Annual Awards Banquet.  We are honoring Edie Windsor and her attorney Roberta Kaplan, PO Javier Pagan and HP GALA.  Tickets are only $100 for cocktail hour with appetizers, sit down dinner and 5 hour open bar!Police Bulletins from around the country:  The police official who led the response after a gunman opened fire in a crowded Colorado movie theater in 2012 has been selected as the new chief of police in Miami Beach, The Denver Post reported this week. The selection of Dan Oates will still need to be approved by Miami Beach following interviews with officials there. The full story can be found at Oates is a former journalist who went into police work as a beat cop at the New York City Police Department.


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