My 360 sphere pictures

I have been practicing with 360 degrees images with my Android camera and have had some interesting comments from people that see me making strange movements with my Pixel 2 Pro camera.

You see, to take a perfect shot of a scenery you must have lots of patience and steady hands and you have to stand in one place and move around which makes people think you have gone mad pointing a phone up and down.

The camera guides you through the process by showing a yellow dot that automatically takes a shot and puts them all together and you don’t need to press the shutter button until you are done.

These are some examples of pictures I have taken in different cities.

If you have any questions there are plenty of instructions everywhere on the internet.

Not all my Sphere images came perfect but the experience I got from taking them was worth it.

Here’s one I took time to take in Las Vegas.

When you look at this page on a computer you can see all around by using your mouse.

(As you see in this one, when there is movement images do not show correctly.)

Remember all you need is a Photo Sphere Camera app installed in order to take this images.

I hope you like this one taken in Guaymas, Sonora Mexico.

And this is one of my first sphere picture I took near downtown Los Angeles that’s historic McArthur Park.

If you have any comments or suggestions please comment at the bottom.

Eduardo Quezada Escandon