[Above]   Kesha, the victim of a rape by a SONY music producer sobbed in court as the female judge kept her promise to the producer (SONY) and did not believe Kesha.

[Left]   Judge Shirley Kornreich refused to cancel the contract between the parties. The decision caused a great deal of anger at the time because Mrs. Kornreich is married to Edward Kornreich a law partner representing SONY.  However, in spite of the blatant conflict of interest Judge Shirley Kornreich refused to recuse herself from the case.

NOTE: This article was previously published by the New York Daily News during the trial. In light of society opening its eyes to the reality of sexual abuse and rape being a prevalent problem, it is important to read it again.

Consider that Kesha was at a trial trying to have her contract severed from the man that had drugged and raped her. The case was being tried by a supposed fair and impartial judge who was actually married to a lawyer that represents SONY, her rapist’s music label.

While society continues to allow these brazenly unfair situations to exist, as in this case where Kesha was claiming that Dr. Luke had drugged and raped her, we are basically declaring that a woman’s rights do not matter.

The date rape at the center of Kesha’s lawsuit against music producer Dr. Luke took place when she was 18 years old and still a virgin, a source close to the “Tik Tok” singer claims.

“She lost her virginity in a date rape. How awful is that?” the source told the Daily News Thursday. 

Kesha Rose Sebert vs. Dr. Luke by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

Dr. Luke took Kesha to a star-studded birthday party for Paris Hilton’s younger sister Nicky Hilton and at some point gave her a drug that caused her to black out, the source said.

Dr. Luke, whose real name is Luke Gottwald, has not been charged with any crime and denies the allegation through his lawyer.

[Above]  Christine Lepera represented Dr. Luke and made statements about Kesha that made her sound totally out of control and flighty and accused the singer of extortion. 

“Kesha’s lawsuit is a spectacular and outrageous fiction that will go down in flames. As the truth emerges, this sad and misguided smear campaign will only hurt Kesha,” Dr. Luke’s lawyer Christine Lepera said in a statement to The News Thursday.

Lepera said the claims were part of an “extortionist scheme” devised to ruin Dr. Luke’s reputation because he has not released Kesha from her contract.

“Luke hasn’t seen Kesha in years. This kind of cynical grandstanding in which false claims of abuse are used as a negotiating tactic insults real victims,” Lepera said.

“Extortion is not going to win here,” she said, claiming that court records in another unidentified case contain “evidence of (Kesha’s) lie.”

Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke in Los Angeles on Tuesday claiming sexual assault, gender violence, harassment, unfair business practices and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Now 27, the singer claims she woke up naked in the producer’s hotel room bed after the alleged date rape and could tell that she had been violated.

The source close to Kesha said she was too scared to go to the police but did eventually report the alleged crime to doctors.

”There are medical records,” the source said, declining to elaborate.

The source said Kesha is considering the possibility of pressing charges with law enforcement.

“She’s exploring all options,” the source said.

In California, victims of domestic violence can seek prosecution of past crimes when there’s a pattern of harassment or abuse that delays reporting.

Dr. Luke – the influential hitmaker behind Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” – has filed his own breach of contract lawsuit against Kesha in New York.

The source close to Kesha called his lawsuit “frivolous” on Thursday.

In her complaint, Kesha claims Dr. Luke plied her with drugs and alcohol to compromise her defenses and once “forced himself” on her after giving her something illicit to snort before they got on a plane.

She also claims he once physically attacked her at his Malibu house, forcing her to flee barefoot down a coastal highway littered with broken glass.

“Dr. Luke attacked Ms. Sebert with these threats, screaming and violently thrashing his arms at her,” the lawsuit states. “He physically backed Ms. Sebert into a corner, where she curled up into a ball, crying and fearing for her life.”

Originally from Nashville, Kesha claims the abuse caused her to suffer from depression and bulimia nervosa so debilitating that she entered in-patient rehab in January.

Her doctors concluded that ongoing contact with Dr. Luke would be “life threatening,” the lawsuit claims.

The platinum-selling singer is suing for punitive damages and wants out of her exclusive recording contract.

“The facts presented in our lawsuit paint a picture of a man who is controlling and willing to commit horrible acts of abuse in an attempt to intimidate an impressionable, talented, young female artist into submission for his personal gain,” her lawyer Mark Geragos said Tuesday.

“Undoubtedly, Kesha’s lawsuit is nothing more than a continuation of her bad and offensive acts,” Lepera previously said.

“We are confident that Dr. Luke will prevail in all matters, and that our client will be awarded substantial damages for this malicious conduct,” Lepera said.

To date, Luke Gottwald has never been charged with the sexual assault of Kesha Sebert.

The statute of limitations allows pop singer Kesha to pursue criminal action against the man she accuses of sexually assaulting her, music producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, an LAPD spokesperson told TheWrap.

“She could file a report of that if she’s never done so, she meets the conditions of the statute of limitations,” Detective Meghan Aguilar said. “Whether the DA would decide to go forward is up to that office.”

The singer sued Gottwald in civil court in 2014, alleging the producer abused her over a decade, including drugging and raping her, then threatened to destroy her career if she came forward. No police or medical reports were filed.

As a society, all of us have to come to terms with the double standards that are embedded into the laws written with the purpose of protecting our citizens.

These laws are not observed if one of the parties in a lawsuit is wealthy or socially visible as a “well heeled” individual or party. In this case specifically, the judge in Kesha’s case was married to a lawyer representing Dr. Luke and there was no legal method of forcing the judge to recuse herself.

How could we possibly tell any young person that has been sexually assaulted by an employer that there is justice in the courts?

In Kesha’s case she was sexually assaulted by her employer, then the judge on the case who is married to a SONY lawyer refused to recuse herself, then ruled that Kesha must continue in her contract with her abuser.

With a case like this we should not wonder why women do not come forward when they are sexually assaulted by a co-worker or an employer.

This young woman was not only sexually assaulted but then she was further insulted and maligned by her abuser’s attorneys. It is little wonder Kesha wound up in rehab.

By standing idly by, we as a society condoned this injustice. 


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