In addition to engineering a $9 Million State Department grant for his daughter and getting her a contract for unpaid labor provided by the “Peace Corps,” Kerry also ensured that companies in her industry would not be able to compete with her business.

The deal directly rewards John Kerry’s family directly. The conflict of interest is notable because the two U.S. departments John Kerry used to help his daughter had no choice but to comply with his personal demands in his daughter’s financial interests since both the State Department’s Grants Division and the Peace Corps reported directly to the State Department which Kerry was heading at the time.

Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry (the bride) whom is John Kerry’s younger daughter by his first wife is married to an Iranian national and physician, Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahed.

His best man at their wedding ceremony was the son of Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs whom was Kerry’s chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations.

John Kerry whose position (originally) as the powerful chairman of the finance committee and then became Secretary of the State Department, helped his daughter, Dr. Vanessa Kerry obtain $9 Million first round financing for her nonprofit organization and she will likely continue receiving additional financing from the US Government.

The State Department gave his daughter’s nonprofit $9 million dollars, staff employed as unpaid volunteers from the Peace Corps to provide labor and a contract prohibiting competition.

Dr. Vanessa Kerry, the State Department and the Peace Corps created “The Global Health Service Partnership.”  

John Kerry as the Chairman to the Finance Committee got both the State Department and the Peace Corps to guarantee an initial meeting for his daughter using his clout as Chairman of said committee which oversaw both the Peace Corp and the State Department. Here is the Jurisdictional Outline of John Kerry’s role within the State Department as Chairman.

Jurisdiction and Subcommittees by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

Vanessa Kerry’s organization sends doctors and nurses to medical schools in Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Liberia. 

The premise that a novice organization would be sending doctors and nurses to third world countries that do not even have running water or sewage treatment plants let alone state-of-the-art medical facilities of any kind is unusual.

If anything, foreign countries are going to think these sites are actually military snooping centers for US Operatives since the respective countries do not even have the infrastructure to bring this work to fruition. Not only do these countries lack water systems they lack even the most primitive sewage system.

Kerry Coordinating State and Peace Corps for Daughter by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

Once John Kerry got the organizations together for their first meeting, he then secured his daughter’s contract, secured a second meeting with the two organizations that directly reported to him, then convinced everyone that his daughter’s organization should not have to compete for the money either. Even though there are far more established organizations that already have years of experience doing the work that John Kerry’s daughter proposes.


If it wasn’t a big enough deal to get his daughter a $9 million dollar “gift” from the State Department and the Peace Corps to do the manual labor, he also set her up so that she doesn’t have to compete with bids for the same services from any possible competitors.


Rather than retiring from his State Department position once Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to President Donald J. Trump (which meant that Kerry’s job had ended in the State Department as well) Kerry did not embrace retirement, he instead proceeded to Europe where he admits to having engaged in private meetings with Javad Zarif.

Per the Globe, America’s former top diplomat also met with French president Emmanuel Macron, German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and a top European Union official to discuss the deal’s continuation as though Kerry has any influence or authority on the matter whatsoever which he does not.

The National Review, CBS News Network and the Boston Globe are just three of the numerous news agencies that have published reports about the inappropriate meetings.

All three news agencies featured here have interviewed John Kerry about the meetings and Kerry admits to the meetings openly. He claimed he felt it was his “duty” to conduct the meetings in spite of having no authority to do so.

The National Review [Click photo to proceed to National Review article]. 

and CBS also published similar articles [Click CBS image below to proceed to the CBS News article].




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