It’s not Kellyanne Conway’s fault that the FBI under Comey as Director, manufactured the Bowling Green incident in its entirety. And it’s even less her fault that she and thousands of others would refer to it and believe it actually happened.  After all – how could anyone not believe what she was referring to was true when the case is still up on the FBI’s website as an actual event?

In addition to creating this event, and to make it “stick,” the FBI had the men set up, accused, tried and sentenced. Obama and his administration should be held to task for having created the farce and ruining these two men’s lives for the purposes of political gain yet not a word has been heard about holding him or his administration accountable.

Everything about the incident seemed very real – especially since the FBI themselves posted the event up on their own website and it’s been up until today (the incident is still posted on the official FBI website).  We’ve copied the entire article (from the FBI’s official website) here for your review in case the FBI / Justice Department chooses to remove the article from publication as a result of mass embarrassment.

We are not taking sides, we just want to provide proof that the entire story was manufactured to fool everyone and was very effective. People should get off Kellyanne Conway’s back already. Her belief in the topic was normal considering the lengths to which the FBI went to fool people into believing the story.

Andreas attended the same Islamic mosque with Richard Reid below, a fellow terrorist

Even ABC News (known to have been colluding with Hillary Clinton and the DNC for years now, used the event as a news item). And we can’t ignore that FBI Director Comey served Barack Hussein Obama.

We have learned through the Obama administration that when we referred to any given story and quoted it, if the political climate changed, the story (we have now learned from an Obama Administration source) would be changed and the article withdrawn. Now, when we see something we plan to talk about, we copy the URL and the actual page so that if the article is taken down, we can prove that it happened.

Case in point was Andreas Lubitz a European pilot that had already converted to Islam and the European news and American news posted articles about the fact that he deliberately crashed his plane full of passengers.

We were shocked to find a Facebook statement from Lubitz’ friends congratulating him for a crash (that hadn’t happened yet). Imagine our surprise to learn there was an “Andreas Lubitz Fans” page as though he were a rock star and that ‘his fans’ had posted the following message “before” the plane had crashed:

“Our holy martyr Lubitz died for our prophet. LONG LIVE HIS SOUL.”


Richard Reid attended mosque with Andreas Lubitz, the Lufthansa pilot that had converted to Islam


Lubitz’ Islamic friends were congratulating him for crashing the plane and posted the congratulations on Facebook “before” he had crashed the plane. They were giving Allah praise for the crashing of the plane. That is not a medical and or vision problem. Lubitz was already a practicing Islamic by the time he deliberately crashed that plane killing all its passengers. It all proved to be a highly embarrassing set of events so the Obama administration tried to change it by claiming the pilot was “ill” and tried making believe the “sneaker bomber, Richard Reid” was a coincidence because it was highly embarrassing that two men whom knew each other engaged in Islamic violence and the administration did not know they were on religious missions nor did they realize the men knew each other. 

Within 3 to 4 hours after Andreas Lubitz plunged the airline into a mountainside and the news reports were released to media outlets and the news could be seen everywhere, all the major news sites “pulled” the story, not because it was “fake news” but because it didn’t fit Obama’s “legacy objectives.”

It turned out that both Andreas Lubitz and the sneaker bomb terrorist Richard Reid, knew each other and attended the same Islamic mosque.

Luckily, we had copied all the articles we could find that supported the original story so we actually used it to prove what we had published in the first place. When calling the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, we were told the articles never existed even though we had copies of the articles in our hands.

Obama’s administration tried to propose that “the pilot was suffering from health issues that affected his eyes” which was a blatant lie since he had recently had his eyes examined revealing he had excellent 20/20 vision. The visual check was required in order to renew his pilot’s license.

Here’s the article: 

ABC News reported the ‘fake event’ as a “news item”

What the public did not realize was that the Bowling Green incident was entirely created by the FBI under Barack Hussein Obama’s leadership and administration. The fact that one of his last acts as president of the United States was to hand $221 Million to the PLO should make his true leanings and inclinations clear.

And Kellyanne would still be trying to explain herself except that the FBI in their inimitably humorous style, in order to make their lie “stick,” actually posted the fake incident on the FBI Official website where we found it.

The ruse was meant to fool politicians and the public – and it worked!

Here’s the actual page the FBI posted on their website. It brazenly proves that even the FBI was causal and participant of Barack Obama’s having creating fictional and staged events in order to stay in power.

Democrats will refuse to believe what we are saying because they’re having such a joyous time picking on Kellyanne Conway about a lie their own former administration created so we have copied the page and its header complete with its URL for your review.

The lie, was a product of the former democratic administration. The FBI “created,” the entire event in order to get these two men to break the law and kept failing when the men would not cooperate.

We have bothered to copy the header showing the original url to the story because we assume they’ll make this page disappear as soon as it’s expedient.

Here’s the original header (by the way – it is Monday February 6, 2017 12:42 AM. The url ends with the word “activities.”

The two men were put through the entire jaws of justice in order to make a phony claim “stick.”

Here is a photograph of the two men…


Two Men Indicted in the Phony FBI Created Crime by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd


Michael German, former FBI Agent corroborates the Bowling Green, Kentucky incident as an FBI “concocted” event.



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