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Very recently, Kerri Kasem (one of Casey Kasem’s adult children) visited us here at SyndicatedNews.NET and interviewed with Jill Egizii, President of Parental Alienation Awareness USA.  Casey Kasem was missing for perhaps a day and a half and was found perfectly safe.

He was in the State of Washington with his wife of 34 years. When approached by Deputy Scott Wilson, a Kitsap County, Washington Sheriff, Casey Kasem, 82 years of age was not only fine – but he was also clearly aware of where he was, who he is and that he was there with his wife of 34 years. When asked if he was there under coercion of any kind or against his will he said “Absolutely not – I’m fine, I’m with my wife”. He seemed very annoyed at the intrusion.

A frantic search for the missing radio DJ ended when the Sheriff found him in a perfect state of health.

Sheriffs in Kitsap County, Wash. found Kasem, 82. Deputy Scott Wilson, the Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, said officers found Kasem Wednesday at an address provided by the California Adult Protective Services. His wife, Jean Kasem, was also there, Wilson said.

He certainly knows who his children are but he also knows who his wife is too. This war between Casey’s adult children and his wife of 34 years came to a very awkward end.

Is there a big difference in Casey’s health situation between dementia or Lewy body disease? Casey’s adult children are right – he is suffering from Lewy body disease.

And “yes,” the symptoms do mimic each other – but so what? Does this make a difference in the scheme of things? No – they do not.
Kasem freely told the authorities that he was visiting on vacation – and he was cognizant of his location.

“At this time, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s department does not believe this is a police issue,” Wilson said in a statement.

A judge had ordered an investigation into Kasem’s whereabouts Monday, after an attorney for the ailing radio personality’s wife said the former “Top 40” host had been removed from Los Angeles without his children’s knowledge.

And here is further news, his wife is under no obligation to inform her husband’s grown children of where they are. They are free to travel, come and go and enjoy any aspect of life she chooses.

Then there was the insistence through Casey Kasem’s adult children, spearheaded by his daughter Kerri Kasem, that he (Casey Kasem) now had bed sores and other maladies and conditions and she actually got a judge to sign a court order for her to take her father to a doctor of her own choosing.

Credible people who have no horse in this race, and who have nothing to gain or lose in this case report that Casey cried from the moment he was being moved from the comfort of his bed to a gurney so that his daughter could supposedly rush him to the hospital. He was heard, by these very credible people (whom have nothing to gain or lose in this case and whom are completely neutral parties) begging to be left alone and saying he wanted to be his wife. He repeatedly said, “I want to stay with my wife. Stop this – stop this”. He was reacting to being moved from his bed.

His wife of 34 years tried to comfort him and tell him that it was going to be alright and not to worry but he was terrified.

During this circus of an intervention by his daughter Kerri, Casey Kasem made his point by passing away.


Anna Nicole Smith was also tall, a boxom woman with bleached blonde hair. In her twenties she married an 89 year old man who died a year later. His family fought her even after death. SHE WAS a gold digger.


Casey Kasem’s wife Jeanne Kasem. They have been happily married for 34 years and all reports state that she was a dutiful wife that managed her husband and her mutual finances with tremendous care and sound, solid decision making. She IS NOT a gold digger.

Kasem suffers from Lewy body dementia, which causes a progressive decline in mental abilities. He was taken to various medical facilities chosen by his wife. And whether his daughters like it or not, she didn’t just walk into the picture. Jeanne had been dutifully married to Casey Kasem for 34 years.

Many members of the public however admit that they are subliminally reminded of Anna Nicole Smith when glancing at Casey Kasem’s wife Jeanne and sadly, want to paint them both with the same brush.

Like Anna Nicole, Jeanne is also an extremely tall, very buxom woman who enjoys wearing bleached blonde hair.  The comparisons however stop right there.

Anna Nicole Smith was clearly marrying an elderly man for financial advantage. Howard Marshall was so advanced in years that he died a year later. But even in that case, he was a very rich elderly man that wanted and could afford the company of a beautiful young woman (his family of course did not approve).


Jeanne towers over her husband by almost a foot but he chose her and he has loved her for 34 years. In those 3 decades, authorities have never been called to the home over domestic issues, disturbances or fighting of any kind. The only times when 911 had to be called was when his daughter Kerri created scenes at their home by bringing throngs of strangers disturbing the peace.

Jeanne Kasem has been faithfully by her husband’s side for 34 years. Kasem’s adult children say their stepmother had barred them from seeing their father and in their television interviews they tell about how she did not want them (his children from his previous marriage) at her wedding ceremony.

And that’s absolutely true!

And now, Kerri Kasem, who was appointed her father’s temporary caretaker Monday, released a statement through her publicist after her father was found (even though he wasn’t missing).

Let’s now examine what the adult children are saying… “The family has grave concerns about his health and will do everything in their power to bring him back home,” the statement continues… “We are grateful to the local authorities for finding my Dad. We are one step closer to bringing him home,” Kerri Kasem added.

In the scheme of things, Jeanne Kasem has proven herself to be more than just an adequate caretaker. She has proven herself to be an extraordinary caretaker to every elder issue authority that has examined the couple’s lifestyle, daily conduct, their home and she has satisfactorily met all the county’s ordinances related to elder care.

She has also been found to be logical, sound of mind and a dutiful wife by every single social service professional that has been summoned to Casey and his wife’s home by his adult children.

In short, Jeanne Kasem has more than just met Casey Kasem’s every whim and wish. She has met all his needs very quietly, without benefit of fanfare or media, taken care of him quietly for 34 long years. A glance at their home may gave one a possible reason why the adult children are so upset with Jeanne Kasem.

Is Jeanne Kasem angry at her husband’s grown children? You betcha!

Being blonde with large bosoms does not mean a woman is morally corrupt. She is a very smart business woman, has handled her husband and her own finances extremely well and by all reports has been an exemplary wife.

In this story, I had originally written that it was time for Casey Kasem’s adult children to do the right thing by Casey and give him peace and quiet during these, his twilight years instead of repeatedly bringing him back into the public eye. Sadly, it would not be that way.

Kerri Kasem was able to go to another judge whom knew nothing of this case and had Casey Kasem removed from his wife’s care to satisfy his daughter Kerri’s wishes (she wanted him seen by a doctor of her own choice). So instead of allowing this man to live his final days with his wife of 34 years, Kerri had her father dragged out of the house on a gurney screaming, begging to be left alone and repeating that he wanted to be with his wife.

I hope that if I ever experience such a tragedy that I will be able to keep my wits about me. I have never thrown meat at a relative but Casey’s wife was furious. I would not throw meat but I actually understand how that can happen. I can understand being so angry that you want to throw meat at someone but I haven’t done it.

What did Casey Kasem’s daughter Kerri accomplish by dragging her father away from his wife of 34 years? Nothing. Other than to infuriate his wife all the more – absolutely nothing. And if there was an opportunity where Jean might have continued her generosity. That opportunity was lost the day Casey Kasem died along with his daughter’s legal wrangling over her father because when he died, so did her rights to his person.

After having been put through this emotional turmoil by his daughter – no not his wife – his daughter created this chaos. As if speaking from the grave, Casey made his point by dying on Father’s Day.

As her rights to his corpse had ceased, she had no choice (legal or otherwise) but to return his remains to his wife. Let this series of events be a lesson to us all. If you are the caretaker to your elderly spouse, make sure you address these matters now while you a




Rest in peace: Casey Kasem’s kids hand over his body to the radio legend’s widow without a fight after months of legal wranglings while he was still alive

  • Casey Kasem’s second wife Jean will be handling funeral arrangements for the late DJ who died on Sunday
  • His death followed an ugly family feud between the children from his first marriage and his second wife Jean
  • His daughter Kerri Kasem won custody earlier this month after a lengthy legal battle, but that expired after his death
  • She notified the hospice where Casey died that his wife would be taking care of funeral arrangement after her lawyer made the request
  • Casey Kasem had suffered from Lewy Body Dementia, Parkinson’s disease and sepsis
  • He became a broadcast legend as host of American Top 40 countdown and was the voice of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo

By David Mccormack and Zoe Szathmary

Casey Kasem’s wife of 34 years, Mrs. Jean Kasem, will be handling funeral arrangements for the late DJ after his daughter Kerri lost custody of his person once he died. to her request to hand over his remains.

The pair had been at loggerheads in recent months as they battled in the courts over the broadcasting legend’s medical treatment.

Kerri Kasem had been granted custody last month over her father’s medical care, but that role expired when her father died Father’s Day morning.

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Broadcast legend Kasey Casem died on Father’s Day, aged 82 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

An attorney for Kerri told TMZ that Jean’s attorney had reached out to request the body be released to her. 

What the public does not know and Casey Kasem’s adult children do not want to admit, is that this was always about the money.

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