Karla Amezola sues Estrella TV, Andrés Angulo and Liberman


Estrella TV news personality, Karla Amezola told friends and family she was being sexually harassed at work. She filed a sexual harassment lawsuit naming the network’s VP of News Andrés Angulo and others. She claims that for years, she had tolerated inappropriate advances but they got worse and worse.

Amezola reporting Andrés Angulo but the network turned a deaf ear. They completely looked the other way and ignored the matter. She soon hired an attorney to take her case to court.


While she may have been the first Estrella TV anchor to file a lawsuit against Angulo and Estrella TV parent company Liberman Broadcasting, Inc., her case grew legs when another lawsuit surfaced. It was Adriana Ruggiero’s sexual harassment case.

The biggest difference in Amezola’s case and the Ruggiero case is that similar to the Gretchen Carlson case, the Amezola case is armed with a series of audio recordings where Angulo can be heard sexually propositioning her.

Andrés Angulo

The complaint, filed on June 23 in Los Angeles Superior Court, cites a history of harassment, detailing instances of Angulo’s “shameless and disgusting acts” that “continued to escalate in levels of depravity.”

An LBI spokesman would not comment on the cases while there is pending litigation.

Adding Amezola’s lawsuit, now two Estrella TV anchors have taken legal action against LBI and Angulo, accusing the company of ignoring their concerns and well-being after reporting their supervisor’s allegedly inappropriate behavior to a human resources representative.


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Click on Roger Ailes and Gretchen Carlson’s image below to read about Fox News in a similar predicament with sexual harassment. Fox News paid a major settlement to Carlson.


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