Positioning and branding


From priceless gemstones to precious metals, the stories and memories jewelry holds has a special place in the lives of consumers all across the world. Depending on the occasion, jewelry sometimes markets itself, but the jewelry industry still has its fair share of branding to do. Here are just a few reasons why brand positioning is so crucial in the jewelry industry.

Brands Need a Story

Whether it’s a mom and pop jewelry store, or a nationwide seller, jewelers are selling more than just jewelry – they’re selling lasting memories. From anniversary gifts to engagement rings, consumers are drawn to the story behind a piece of jewelry just as much as the price and style.

Consumers want to know the craft and care that goes behind the jewelry they’re buying, so jewelers must know how to emotionally move potential buyers. For example, Kay Jewelers uses an identifiable slogan combined with a memorable moment to create its brand story, “Every Kiss Begins With Kay.”

Identity is Key

There’s a lot of competition out there, so it’s necessary for jewelers to set themselves and their jewelry apart from the rest to obtain advantageous brand positioning. Brand identity starts with the jewelers’ ability to better understand the product they sell.

How is jeweler A’s anniversary bracelets different from jeweler B’s bracelets? Is jeweler A’s design more distinct than Bs? Is the metal more precious? Once jewelers distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition through craft, presentation, and style, brand identity begins to take shape.

The Need for Distinction

Brand distinction is the art of differentiating one brand from the next. Although this sounds similar to brand identity, it’s not. A jeweler’s identity is what makes them who they are, but what makes a jeweler distinct is uniqueness.

For example, Tiffany & Co. gets the majority of its diamonds from Dominion Diamond Corporation, which was formerly run by Ronald Winston, an expert in diamonds and precious gemstones. This type of distinction is what differentiates jewelry brands and thus makes them unique.

The Importance of Perception

There’s a difference between needs and wants when it comes to marketing. Not everyone needs a diamond ring or a gold necklace, but they certainly want these pieces of jewelry. This is what’s called perception and it’s essential to brand positioning in the jewelry industry.

In other words, it’s the jeweler’s job to turn a sparkly stone and a shiny piece of metal into a message of love from the giver to the receiver. How consumers perceive jewelry and the emotional expression behind it is just another way jewelers can secure their brand positioning.

At the End of the Day, Jewelry is a Luxury

Something the jewelry industry never wants to hear is that nobody really needs jewelry. Sure, bracelets, rings, and necklaces make great gifts, and precious gemstones are precious for a reason, but jewelry is an added expense to most people’s budgets. It’s the jeweler’s responsibility to make that expense a necessity through branding.

From story to perception, it’s plain to see just how important brand positioning is in the jewelry industry.

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