When you look at the paradise Jerry lives in and shares with his Russian born bride Alyona Vikhareva,  The lovely Mrs. Minoret is a Sales and Marketing Professional for Princess Yachts based in Thailand, one can see why young love can truly change the world.  

Jerry Minoret married this past weekend and what a gorgeous backdrop to have for a wedding album. Thailand offers some of the most beautiful views anywhere on earth. As a professional photographer that has entered the Yachting Industry, we will see beautiful things ahead.

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Alyona Vikhareva now Mrs. Minoret

Jerry Minoret studied at the Lycée Jean Drouant – Ecole Hôtelière de Paris – EHP. His interests drew him to the Hotel Industry which combines beauty, customer service and the travel industry.  His hotelier interests and hands on experience have taken him all over the world and brought him to the Indigo Pearl Phuket (a five star hotel) in Bora Bora Lagoon Resort, Thailand, the Sofitel San Francisco Bay in French Polynesia (a four star hotel) in Redwood City, California just to name a few. 

Jerry is the Product Development Manager at Asia Marine Co., Ltd. in Phuket, Thailand. His love for photography and the open seas will make for beautiful adventure photo albums.


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