The story told in IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET? is more complicated than the movie trailer portrays and its message is extremely important and timely. Billed as a comedy, the movie really provides a serious look at the gun culture – the value or need for guns versus the competitive power of owning them. 

Set in a small Texas factory town where everyone owns guns, a young boy takes his father’s new pistol to school to show his friends. The loaded gun accidentally goes off and the school crossing guard is shot in his butt. Although the man is not badly wounded, aside from his dignity, the boy’s mother recognizes the potential danger of indoctrinating young people to the gun culture. She reacts by first asking her husband (the boy’s father) to give up his firearms. When he refuses, she gathers the other like-minded women in town and together they call a “sex strike” until all their husbands and boyfriends understand that guns, especially in the hands of children, can be very dangerous, and if they truly love their family, they will do the smart and right thing. 

Over-the-top performances by Academy Award-winning Cloris Leachman as an over-sexed, potty-mouthed grandma, John Heard as the horny sheriff without a clue, Fernanda Romero and Horatio Sanz as the over-sexed-trying-to-get-pregnant Latin couple, Andrea Anders as the gorgeous-to-look-at Mom and leader of the pack, Matt Passmore as her sex-deprived husband, Katherine McNamara as their teenage daughter who promised her boyfriend she would have sex with him on their one-year anniversary – just a few days after she joins the women on their sex-strike – are just a few of the very talented actors who make this farce an enjoyable film; and using all the NRA clichés, this satire helped expose the NRA as a small, but very vocal lobby whose mission is really to sell more guns rather than look out for the welfare of the people they supposedly represent.

Director, Screenplay: Matt Cooper
Matt Passmore – Glenn Keely
Andrea Anders – Jenna Keely
Katherine McNamara – Sandy Keely
Cloris Leachman – Maxine
Horatio Sanz – Luis
John Heard – Sheriff Parsons
Lauren Bowles – Barb Archer
Fernanda Romero – Connie
David Denman – Byron
Kevin Conway – Cyrus
Max Lloyd-Jones – Dexter
Christine Estabrook – Shirley Parsons
Terrence Beasor – Otis

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