A common assumption of us ordinary-looking people is that those women (and men) lucky enough to be born beautiful don’t have the same fears, social-inadequacies, vulnerabilities and self-deprecating thoughts as we do.  In I FEEL PRETTY, Renee (Amy Schumer) is a regular young woman with low self-esteem and the belief that only thin, model-types have love, happiness and success.  

Renee works in the back office at the Chinatown location of the family-owned, high-end LeClaire Cosmetics Company located on Madison Avenue. Renee’s desire is to someday work at LeClaire’s glamorous address (even as a receptionist – a step down from the job she holds). Then, one day, in her effort to lose some pounds at the SoulCycle spin gym, she falls off the bike, hits her head and wakes up believing she is gorgeous.

Although Renee is the only one who sees herself as this stunning new creature (having made no changes at all to her appearance), as the new Renee, she discovers that she is capable of being who the old Renee didn’t have the confidence to be … Because the message in I FEEL PRETTY is, “What if you could change everything, without changing anything.”

I loved this movie. I loved Renee (Amy Schumer). I loved her friends. I loved the premise, the dialogue and the situations most of us can relate to.

I don’t remember the last time I fell out of my seat laughing from the antics, delivery, and the characterizations by the entire cast of models, including Michelle Williams, Naomi Campbell, and Lauren Hutton. And as a bonus, Amy Schumer made a surprise appearance at the screening to say Hi!


Amy Schumer – Renee Barrett
Michelle Williams – Avery LeClaire
Rory Scovel – love interest
Emily Ratajkowski – model
Aidy Bryant – Vivian (friend)
Busy Phillips – Jane (friend)
Tom Hopper – Grant LeClaire
Naomi Campbell – model
Lauren Hutton – Lily LeClaire (owner/matriarch of Cosmetics Company)
Director/Writer: Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein

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