By Alex Sokolik

One With Nature is an objective analysis on becoming part of nature as opposed to considering it as the “outside,” as observers do. It includes techniques on being a better bowhunter and photographer, with the author having six decades of experiences in four continents. Comments are included on current events to enhance our enjoyment of the earth. Examples are included to make a difference through stewardship and sustainability for public and private lands.

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about his book ONE WITH NATURE


mprove your environmental and state game law regulations. Learn to differentiate between facts and misinformation from our media and government. A chapter on dogs is included for the reader to learn from their incredible abilities, instincts, and persistence when hunting.

Participate with nature. Time spent outdoors can be improved as a bowhunter or photographer by learning body language of animals in their habitats. As Genesis 27:3 says, “Get your quiver and bow, go into the countryside and get me meat. Do not be ashamed to pursued the sacred game. It gives sustainable to man as well as “spirituality to the earth.”