Barbara Hulanicki, the “godmother of fashion in 1960s London, is best known for BIBA, high fashion boutiques she designed with the comfort of  your living room.

With a combination of Ms. Hulanicki’s artistic talent and charm, everyone with a fashion sense owned a BIBA mini dress, maxi coat, shirt, jacket, and accessory, especially with Twiggy and Kate Moss modeling her creations, and musicians such as Rolling Stones’ Ron Wood and Mick Jagger, wearing her clothing.


Barbara later brought her artistry and style to South Beach (Miami) where she designed the interior of Woody’s – a pink neon nightclub owned by Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood; Sempers, a bordello-looking nightclub in the Waldorf Hotel; and Chris Blackwell’s properties, including the Marlin Hotel. 

With all that, and more — Barbara Hulanicki was bestowed with the
Order of the British Empire” because of her vast contributions to the International World of Fashion
 — Barbara Hulanicki is warm, genuine, beautiful and totally likable.















Regarding Chris Blackwell: he was a producer and founder of Island Records. (Music acts signed were Bob Marley, The Spencer Davis Group, Nirvana, Traffic, King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens, Grace Jones, Roxy Music, Robert Palmer, Melissa Etheridge, U2, to name a few.) In the 1980, when South Beach was evolving from a deteriorating retirement village to a hot-spot tourist destination, Chris Blackwell was one of the investors to buy aging Art Deco buildings. He eventually came to own 10 of them.








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THANK YOU:  Alice and Jay Orlow, June Dressler and David Polansky, Julie Glasgow CPA, Masses-Valera, CPA



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  • Wonderful interview with a very lovely lady. Barbara Hulanicki – synonymous with her fashion house BIBA – is authentic, laughs easily and is a joy to be with. Even I, petite in physical stature and definitely not a “dolly”, wore BIBA fashions comfortably in my day.