I’ve had an art studio on South Beach for many years. From time to time whenever my friends or friends of my friends were in town they would stop by for a cup of coffee and some stimulating conversation. Someone suggested that our conversations, along with some of the quirkier interviews I have done for our video show Alive on South Beach, would make an interesting radio show. After listening to hours and hours of taped interviews, I selected those I think are an entertaining mix. So sit back and ENJOY. . . . .

We have a great lineup of guests who shared their conversations with us. This includes:

  • Columnist Leonard Pitts, who worries about political correctness going too far. leonard Pitts


  •  BBarney & Sharon 2arney Rosenzweig, who shares his latest adventures in London, a city going through a lot of changes.


  • Gerald PosnerGerald Posner, a writer who the Chicago Tribune called a merciless pitbull of an investigative reporter.   Were they complimenting him or criticizing him? 
  • Charlotte Libov, The author of A Guide to Surviving Cancer  ….  everCharlotte Libovything you need to know if you ever get that shocking news.



Linda Gassenheimer



Linda Gassenheimer, a food expert who is read by over 6 million people. Guess what we talked about? 


  • And Leandro Carvalho, an expert on the “PERFECT BUTT”. Leandro Carvalho, Butt expert


All this plus a little bit of that, makes up this hour of “CONVERSATIONS WITH STEWART B. STEWART.


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