For the past 25 or so years, I have had a studio on South Beach. From time to time whenever my friends or friends of my friends were in town they would stop by for a cup of coffee and some stimulating conversation. Someone suggested that our conversations, along with some of the quirkier interviews I did for Alive on South Beach, would make an interesting radio show. After listening to hours and hours of taped interviews, I selected those I think are an entertaining mix. So sit back and ENJOY!

Paul Macatney(Paul McCartney performs the Johnny Mercer classic, “Accentuate the Positive”)

Pulitzer Prize award-winning newspaper columnist, Leonard Pitts, Jr.Leonard Pitts who talks about being a crusading journalist.

(“My Girl” sung by The Temptations for Motown Records)

TV producer Barney Rosenzweig Barney & sharon (Pictured with wife Sharon Gless)

(“There’s No Business Like Show Business” written By Irving Berlin)

An eyewitness account of what it felt like being at the GAZA border during the last Palestinian uprising in Gaza.

(“Give Me Peace on Earth” by George Harrison)

Dave Keefe, Dave Keefehead man at my former cable provider, Atlantic Broadband. We talk about how big companies bully their customers.


The public doesn’t trust their government and the people don’t believe everything they hear or see in the media. That was in the 60’s, and it led to the rise of alternative (or underground) newspapers. These newspapers gave rise to the alternative genre of comic strips called “COMIX”. Dennis Kitchen Dennis Kitchen, a pioneer in publishing Comix, talks about the resurgence of this politically incorrect genre as, once again, the public stops trusting the government and the media.

(“Newspaper Man” song by Pete Seeger)

The story lady, Story Ladywho tells great stories in rhyme form, tells us all about, “JOMO and HIS FLUTE”

Anti-war activist and a defendant in the notorious “Chicago 8” trial of the 60s, Tom Hayden Tom Haydengives his slant on the rising anti-government sentiments of today.


An unexpected conversation with Emilio Estefan, who added Broadway Producer to his resume with the musical, “On Your Feet!” the Emilio and Gloria Estefan Story.Gloria & Emelio Estafan

Ben Stein, thO9YU7XNXEconomist, Speech Writer to Presidents, Raconteur and TV personality, talks about what makes him happy.

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