Hugh Hefner has died. His friend, Bill Cosby has been charged for drugging women in order to use them sexually.  This behavior was routinely practiced at parties in the sixties and the seventies.

Drugs were often used in order to render women helpless. Few men were either accused legally or ever convicted for predatory behavior using drugs.

Bill Cosby was not the first Hollywooder to be sued for drugging women into unconsciousness in order to sexually assault them – Hugh Hefner was!

Jared Fogle

The American Justice System has never and still does not dispense justice equally.

The United States justice system provides as much justice as a defendant can afford. It is an ugly truth that has not yet changed, even today in politically correct 2018.

Submarine Sandwich spokesman SUBWAY’S Jared Fogle did not have the mega millions that Jeffrey Epstein has.

Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein wasn’t ‘doing time’ in the jail where he was remanded; he was just sleeping there and was free to come and go as he pleased all day – every day. 

Epstein sexually abused far more teens (hundreds of them) than Jared ever did (a handful). How did Jeffrey Epstein get such a light sentence of a year sleeping in jail but being free all day long when Jared got a solid 14 year sentence?

Bill Clinton and Doug Band flew Epstein’s jet on at least 26 occasions.

The difference in their sentences hadn’t to do just with money – it had to do with the age old adage of “who your friends are.”

Epstein’s “flying friends” were Bill Clinton (who flew on Epstein’s jet 26+ times), Hillary Clinton, Doug Band (usually on Epstein’s jet to accompany Bill Clinton), along with a minimum of four Secret Service men paid for by tax payer money on a ’round the clock basis just so these men could frolic with teen aged girls.

Prince Andrew and many other high profile, very rich and very powerful buddies boarded “The Lolita” jet with frequency.

Jared wasn’t surrounded by high profile people so he made it a point to have his picture taken with as many politicians and industry leaders as possible.

Hugh Hefner has died and his close friend Bill Cosby is being tried for drugging women in order to render them helpless so he could sexually assault them.  Bill Cosby has lost that fight. He was convicted on three counts of assault and each count carries 10 years each. At 80 years of age I will be impressed if he does any time at all.


(Facebook) Former Cheryl Kaltschnee now Sherry Benedon was the 1st to sue over having drugs put in her food & drink at the Hugh Hefner Mansion when she attended as a dinner guest.

Celebrity lawyers and their firms make a great deal of money protecting wealthy clients. Why would anyone expect these attorneys to walk away from what they consider a perfectly viable income source?

There are still a list of Cosby cases that will never see their day in court. 

In the end, none of it will matter because the established members of the United States justice system are torn between “the way things were” for the gold ol’ boys and remember they were part of that scene.

Making sexist jokes in corporate offices, in factories and even in legal settings such as law firms and even courts was not unusual – it was acceptable and routine behavior during that era.  

Nov 28, 2007 – Beverly Hills, California, USA – Actor/singer DAVID CASSIDY and his daughter actress KATIE CASSIDY. Katie’s mother is Sherry Benedon.

Don Soffer, Lee Wolfberg, Robert Shapiro and George Hamilton attend An Evening with Ivana Trump.

Lee Wolfberg (second from left) was named in the Playboy Mansion $10 million dollar drugging case. View newspaper article below about Cheryl Kaltschnee (now Sherry Benedon). Benedon sued Hugh Hefner in 1975 and named Lee Wolfberg (her escort to the dinner) and every one of Hugh Hefner’s businesses. The lawsuit asked for $1 million from each. At that time, $1 million dollars was a lot of money. She was granted everything she asked for winding up with $10 million.

Benedon’s attorneys filed a lawsuit on her behalf in the Santa Monica Superior Court against Hugh Hefner, her date who escorted her to the dinner (Lee Wolfberg) and every one of Hugh Hefner’s companies.

Benedon said she was injured in a fall after eating a drug-dosed dinner at Hefner’s posh Holmbv Hills residence.

The suit, filed on behalf of Cheryl Kaltschnee also named Lee Wolfsberg, who was identified as her escort at the dinner, and 40 “John Does.”

Miss Kaltschnee claimed to have attended a dinner party at Hefner’s Playboy Mansion West where a “legally restricted and dangerous drug” was placed in her food and beverage without her permission.

The suit detailed how she felt faint as she pushed away from the table, fell and gashed her head in a fall. The suit asked general damages of $1 million and punitive damages of $1 million each from Hefner, Playboy magazine. Playboy Enterprises Inc., Playboy Productions, her date and multiple John Does. The court believed her and complied; they awarded her $10 million!

The brilliant Sherry Benedon (then known as Cheryl Kaltschnee) did not cry or whine or victimize herself. The highly intelligent Benedon insisted on being taken to a hospital and demanded a drug panel. 

The drug test proved she had indeed ingested a form of a sedative at a high dosage through no action of her own. It was clear that the drug had been ingested after being introduced to her bloodstream through food or drink.

What that suggests is that drugging female guests visiting the Playboy Mansion was routine. Bill Cosby even joked about it in his comedy routines for years.

Kaltschnee knew she had been drugged and reported that either her food or drink (or both) had been drugged and it affected her balance causing her to fall and severely cut her head.

Sherry Benedon (then known as Cheryl Kaltschnee) made it a point to sue Hugh Hefner, the Playboy Mansion and every single business that carried his name for drugging her food and drink.

She knew she had been drugged. This event happened back in January of 1975.

Drugging women at Hollywood parties was a common practice during the sixties and seventies and it has continued to be a common practice for decades. Only the names of the drugs have changed. Now they’re called “roofies,” or referred to as date rape drugs.

Neither his current wife or children get to determine where Hugh Hefner will be buried because he took that decision away from them when he purchased the burial plot next to Marilyn Monroe 50 years ago.

A true wise guy down to the last day of his life.



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