To all the Eagle’s family…

I send my regrets about the passing of Glenn. I remember first seeing him at the Troubadour in 1967 or ’68 (they do blend together). EVERYONE – most of us all under 23 years old, – was trying to figure out what to do. Longbranch and Pennywhistle (Glenn and J.D. Souther) seemed to know already.

When they played, sometimes to a 1/2 empty room those there knew: this should ‘go national’. It did a few years later when Glenn and Henley (and Bernie and Randy) melded together all those Springfield, Poco, and other influences they brought to the mix to make 1971 their year.

I remember when they were ‘working it out’ up in Aspen, the 2nd or third time the Dirt Band played up there. . . and it seems after that is when it all got under way for them.

A few months later Jeff came over to my Idaho Springs house all excited about a new record he had heard on the radio. I had a 4-track tape deck, mics, and minimal gear. Jeff wanted to record a version of Take it Easy. It was burning up the airwaves, and the killer vocals were …. killer. We tried. I hope I erased that tape.

We all know Glenn’s music now. I have heard it sung by hundreds in Italian piazzas and crowds at the Spanish steps, groups singing with buskers, in Irish pubs with fiddlers, Florida with crabshack bar bands those words that he (and J.D. and Don) put together back when they were … as the press likes say … nascent.

We are all glad you did what you did, Glenn. Thanks for taking so many people in to your songs.

John McEuen



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