[Above] Hunter and TV host Melissa Bachman with a lion she shot. She’s the host of WINCHESTER DEADLY PASSION from the Sportsman Channel with millions of viewers.

Do you think hunting exotic large animals should be abolished?

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As for the loss of Cecil the lion, Zimbabweans do not understand what the big fuss is all about when they hear that Americans are devastated over the killing of one lion when millions of their children die of starvation annually and not a word of it appears on mainstream media anywhere in the world. They are but a statistic on occasional UNICEF pamphlets. One mother with an 18 month old child weighing 6 lbs wants to know why Americans don’t focus on the children that die of starvation in Zimbabwe versus the loss of a lion which according to Zimbabwe law was part of their routine big game hunting industry.

It makes absolutely no sense to them since local villages where big game is killed are legally entitled to 80% of the meat (usually the only protein source they may taste all year).

Considering Zimbabwe is one of the poorest countries in the world, citizens there do not understand why Americans are so upset over the killing of Cecil but not the least concerned with the scores of children that die of starvation in Zimbabwe on a regular basis.

The United States has over 1,000+ “high fence” game resorts. Most refer to the industry as “canned hunting” no matter how small or large the square mileage. And those are the locations that the United States admits to. There are thousands more large game hunting businesses behind high fencing that the public doesn’t even know exist. Additionally, the federal government invests millions into the development of these “entertainment” businesses.

The United States has a flourishing big game business industry. Here are just a few…

The High Adventure Ranch offers elk, wild boar, buffalo, whitetail deer, red stag deer, exotic deer and antelope, sheep and ram and have an entire “African Game” hunt offering as well.


The High Lonesome Ranch “large game” page features a carousel of large game photos held together by a high caliber long range rifle bullet. Their offerings range from wild hunting to fine dining cuisine and guest accommodations equal to most 5 star hotels.


Greystone Castle is a Texas sporting facility that offers some of the best hunting in the United States. We are ideally located near the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area and offer easy access for domestic and international travelers.


The Trump boys have always enjoyed big game hunting.

Who else enjoys hunting?  Joe Rogan, Goose Gossage, Ted Nugent, Michael Strahan, Payton Manning, even Madonna went pheasant hunting.

Avril Lavigne grew up in Canada where she went hunting often despite her brothers’ protests that they wanted her to be “a girl.”

Eva Longoria claims she can skin a rabbit, a snake or a deer.  Kurt Russell is a hobby hunter and strongly supports hunting.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a model and “Transformers” actress who grew up hunting on her farm and shot and ate squirrels and birds.

Shaquille O’Neal enjoys red stag hunting. Chris Pratt is obsessed with big game hunting.

Tom Brokaw owns his own hunting preserve in Montana!

Joe Perry, Aerosmith guitarists says hunting keeps him grounded and helps him escape from the city.

The list of congressmen and women and senators that actively hunt large game is far longer but space does not allow us to post it in its entirety. Congressman Paul Brown shot, killed and ate a lion he killed in 2010. The lion’s stuffed body is being moved to his congressional office in photo below.


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