Walking the walk is a conservative expression used to describe when a person professes to be conservative or fundamentalist but also supports the claim by complying with all aspects of that faith in every day life. That explanation brings us to a new definition of opposite of that behavior – it’s called “street sex.”

Alabama’s Governor Bentley finally resigned after being caught using State Funds to cover up an extramarital affair.  Alabama Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey was sworn in this week and she has replaced Bentley as Governor of Alabama.

What exactly is “Street Sex or down low?”  Those expressions are best defined by people that need to keep something on the “down low.”  It means, “to keep something private.”  The expression can apply to just information or actual activities.

The term is often used to describe the behavior of men or women whom lead duplicitous lives.

When people announce themselves as fundamentalists and hold themselves up as  moral authorities (as did Bill Cosby) on sexual and moral matters, they suffer greatly if their lives don’t match their preaching.


Governor Robert Julian Bentley booked for using State Funds to cover up activities with his mistress

Governor Robert Julian Bentley with wife Diane of 50 years.

Bentley Divorce Details by Syndicated News SNN.BZ


Bentley Robert Jones Dianne Divorce by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

When a person identifies him or herself as a conservative or fundamentalist in his or her day-to-day life and insists on being respected for being conservative or religious, but conducts and promotes a libertine lifestyle when out-of-sight of friends, family, co-workers and especially their religious leaders (to whom they profess a “saintly existence”) the consequences come without warning.

It’s not easy to present yourself as an ultra conservative or a fundamentalist because once you do – everyone will make sure you live up to it or they will mock you outright. In many cases, the very people you thumped on the head with your Bible will be waiting to trip you up with your own hypocrisy.

The most effective method of telling people that your faith has no value is by not living up to the very religious tenets you proselytize.

Marco Rubio

When we were first informed of the Ted Cruz gal pals story a few months ago, it did not come from the Trump Camp.

The story was offered by a Marco Rubio camp member out of Hialeah, FL.

Spencer Collier

Politicians wanting to live above the law is quite common. A politician is surrounded by people on their payroll or whom work at their pleasure. Naturally, those employees will say only what the politician wants to hear. It makes for a very false set of circumstances.

In the State of Alabama, Governor Robert Bentley responds to allegations of his having had an affair with his “married” top aid. Problem?

The problem is that once a politician has created a strong liaison with a lover, the politician stops making decisions for the office to which he or she was elected and the lover gets to influence important decisions. In the Alabama case it created a large problem because the lover was actually making decisions affecting citizens of the entire State of Alabama.

The likelihood that the politician will begin applying the wishes of his or her lover in order to demonstrate his or her power, is very common. But worse – not only is the elected office compromised but the politician has placed him or herself personally and the entire office for which they are responsible, in an exposed blackmail position.

Gov Robert Bentley

Who made the accusation that the Governor of Alabama was having sex with his assistant? The Governor’s family brought the matter to the attention of the State’s Top Cop – Spencer Collier. Once officially turned in – there was no going back. The complaint could not be reversed and lawful steps had to be taken. 

The hotel receipts, intimate dinners, credit card receipts and complaints of misappropriated money had to be handed over to a Grand Jury and the ethics committee had to be notified. All the material along with audio tapes (there are several distinct tapes) where the Governor clearly identifies his sexual preferences had to be given to the authorities.

Zeigler Report to the Alabama Ethics Commission by Syndicated News SNN.BZ

Similarly to Bill Clinton when he said, “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman,” when describing what was an absolutely sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky, Governor Bentley is leaving some words out and putting some words in to his response. There is complete and absolute deception in Governor Bentley’s responses.


Alabama’s Governor Bentley and his assistant avoiding using the elevator and choosing to walk up the stairs of the Intercontinental Hotel.

Governor Robert Bentley in his public confession and apology sounds a lot like Florida’s Prosecutor, Jeffrey Ashton who was a member of the Ashley Madison adultery site. Ashton’s IP address proved that he was visiting the sex site while he was prosecuting Casey Anthony (a case he lost miserably).

There is no question that he was visiting the adultery site during court hours during the trial. The court building’s IP address showed that he visited both the Ashley Madison Website as well as his Adult iFriends account during the course of the trial.

jeffJeffrey Ashton is so out of touch with reality that he thinks that his own participation in an adultery website does not have any influence or reflection on the reputation of the office of the prosecutor as though it was the office that was visiting the website versus he himself. He describes the office of the prosecutor as though he owns it not as though he works for it.
Not only did he refuse to step down – but he has announced that he will be running for office again as though nothing happened.

The Alabama governor does not feel the law applies to him and the Florida Prosecutor does not feel the law applies to him either.


In our current American political landscape, anyone having an extra curricular activity, should throw some gratitude at a political competitor like Donald Trump because “The Donald,” actually helps deflect negative attention from everyone. When the public is listening to Donald Trump, they can’t even hear the scintillating details of a sexual tryst.

But people actually listen to Donald Trump to hear him say and do everything every red blooded American man wants to say.  Americans follow Donald Trump because they have been feeling emasculated by ISIS / ISIL and the the American Administrations.

Political correctness has become so important that it is impossible to make a statement without offending someone politically. Consider that President Obama is yet to call terrorists by their proper names and he’s been president for 7 years!

Donald Trump however, is loud, brash, crude, rude and treats women and most people poorly, but he’s got a spinal cord. The public is drawn to him because they believe he will lead the United States to military victory.

Having grown up in New York while he more or less ran it, I can attest that the man is audacious.  But I also knew his university would fail because he involved Kiyosaki, (the man that wrote RICH DAD POOR DAD). Kiyosaki was already trying to rob Peter to pay Paul when he agreed to get involved with Trump University.

The National Enquirer wrote a big expose about Ted Cruz. The article even identifies five of his alleged lovers. But Ted has lots of female friends – he’s a politician. What’s wrong with that?  Ted works with, comes in contact with and is acquainted to perhaps hundreds of women. The problem is not with having female friends. The problem Ted Cruz’ has is his repeated “appearances” of impropriety.

Everyone is wondering what could have possibly upset such an accomplished woman like Heidi Cruz that would lead her to go sit out on a highway, dangerously close to fast traffic. It looked bad enough that someone called the sight to 911. Police officers found her sitting on the grass crying inconsolably.

Perhaps it was routine depression or perhaps it could have been a deep sense of betrayal by having to be embarrassed by her husband’s epeated dalliances.  Heidi Cruz is an extremely well educated, highly intelligent woman with a very sophisticated job requiring a steady character and disposition.

Well perhaps the mental break down was caused by Katrina Pierson, Sarah Isgur Flores, Amanda Carpenter and at least two others.

Perhaps not.

Heidi Cruz Police Report by Syndicated News SNN.BZ


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