Welcome to the “Free Dress Give away” at SyndicatedNews.NET LLC

Please make sure to fill out the simple form and add your four paragraph essay explaining why you are the most deserving of a free gown this month. Prom events and graduations are around the corner so that will be our first dress giveaway.

Are you a student with good grades? Give us a call. If you are a student you should have passing grades – they don’t have to be straight A’s but you have to make sure you’re passing all your classes. If you’re a military bride, you need only provide proof that you’re in the service or marrying someone that is serving our country.  We will not use your photo for advertising purposes unless you ask us to do so. Receiving a dress from FREE DRESS GIVEAWAY is a private gift and carries no obligations of any kind.

Write to [email protected]   to let us know why you need and deserve a dress and we will contact you right away.

We will have bridal gowns, prom dresses, dresses for debutante balls or homecoming available to give away as well. Some gowns will be rather modest and conservative and some gowns will be very modern.

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NOTE: In accordance with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, this “DRESS GIVE AWAY” does not require registration with the State of Florida as no money is being exchanged and no services are requested. This dress giveaway has absolutely no strings attached and therefore falls within the legal guidelines of the State of Florida.

The “DRESS GIVE AWAY” is being managed by Deco Echo Artists’ Delegation d/b/a CENTER FOR FOLK AND COMMUNITY ART – A 501(c)3 non-profit Organization – EIN # 650209779 established in 1988 by Stewart B. Stewart and Dena Stewart (whom are partners in SyndicatedNews.NET LLC). 



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