Episode 46 of Alive on South Beach is mostly about food. Stewart and Dena eat their way through the Hess Select Seafood Festival, the first food festival of the season. Then, speaking about seafood, Stewart talks with Deeny Kaplan Lorber who recently wrote a book called “Waiting at Joe’s” (referring to Joe’s Stone Crabs — the most famous seafood restaurant in the world.)

As you probably already know, Stewart loves to taste new and exotic foods, and he does that at the Americas Food and Beverage Show & Conference where he met the Kilted Chef from Atlantic Canada.

Stewart and Dena’s other life is never far away, and at this Food Show they ran into a former student who participated in one of their community art projects, which is a segue to a segment about their Hurricane Mural which was exhibited at the Frost Museum at Florida International University and will have a permanent home at the International Hurricane Research Center at FIU.

MiamiARTzine.Com celebrated their 8th Anniversary with a big party and there Stewart has an impromptu conversation with South Beach Historians, Jeff Donnelly and Nancy Wolcott.

Then, CHOPPED, the Food Network’s hottest show offers the “chopped” experience to locals … and guess who was the guest judge???

Episode 46 ends with a farewell shout out by former Miami Heat All-Star player, Chris Gatling.

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