Fallon Fox the female MMA fighter was born Boyd Burton. After completing a tour of duty in the U.S. Navy, the 30 year old underwent gender re-assignment surgery in 2006. When applying to the State of Florida Boxing Commission for a license to compete in MMA, the transgendered fighter claimed to have been previously licensed in California. He is now 39 years old.

He moved to Illinois, and applied for a driver’s license under the name of Fallon Fox and used that driver’s license to identify himself as female. That driver’s license is what people are referring to when they say that Fallon Fox was recognized as a female by the United States Government when in fact, he is merely recognized as a female by the State of Illinois (Illinois is only a state; not representing the Federal Government).

We called the California State Athletic Commission where MMA and/or BOXING licenses are granted but they told SyndicatedNews.NET that they DID NOT approve Burton Boyd/Fallon Fox’s license to fight as a female. They said his/her license application remains “under review”. A California State Athletic Commission license was NEVER ISSUED to this fighter as he claimed when he applied for a Florida State Boxing Commission license under the name of Fallon Fox as a female competitor. There was no California boxing license as Fallon claimed.

Armed with the Illinois Driver’s License, Fallon headed towards Florida, applied for and received a Florida Boxing Commission license as a female from the Florida Boxing Commission. He then proceeded to CFA Fights of Miami with his Illinois driver’s license and Florida boxing license and signed up as a female MMA competitor.

This case involves the pros and cons of transgender rights because while he presents as a woman, he still has the frame, the size and the power of a man. And if MMA has any business smarts (which they certainly do), they are not ignorant to the fact that promoting Fallon Fox as a transgender will definitely increase their Pay-Per-View ratings. The Florida Boxing Commission has approved Fallon to fight in the State of Florida and has in fact, approved the boxing license.

We interview CFA’s CEO, Jorge De La Noval about Fallon Fox’s intriguing MMA situation.  We thank SB Nation for their video and observe all their copyrights. Music, We thank Miami Mambo’s author Landy Nova (Orlando Delgado) who licensed the music for use to SyndicatedNews.NET in this www.CFAfights.com interview.

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