The 68-year-old wife of a Wall Street tycoon died this week after jumping from her luxury Upper East Side high-rise, officials said.

The victim, identified by sources at the scene as Margaret Fagenson, leapt from a 14th-floor balcony of the E. 86th St. building near East End Ave. — known as the Henderson House — mid morning.

She landed on the side of the building on Henderson Place and died at the scene, police and horrified witnesses said.

Margaret Fagenson (far l.) died after she jumped from her home on E. 86th St. She’s pictured here with (from l.) Jennifer, Robert and Stephanie Fagenson. [Publicly posted on Facebook].

“I heard a loud ‘boom’ noise and I waited a couple minutes,” said Rodney Bissoondath, 37, a doorman from across the street. “By the time I went outside, the cops were already putting sheets on the person.”

Fagenson’s covered body on the left sidewalk.

Grieving family members rushed to the scene, crying and clutching one another for comfort as members of the city coroner’s office prepared to remove Fagenson’s body.

One man, believed to be Fagenson’s husband Robert, was holding their two poodles, witnesses said.

The philanthropist had been suffering from depression when she pulled a small ladder from her closet and set it against the railing of her terrace while a maid worked in another room.

From there Flanagan climbed the ladder, lifted herself over the terrace railing and jumped to the sidewalk alongside her building.

Bissoondath said that Fagenson had been the third person to jump from the building in recent years.

Upon notice of Margaret Fagenson suicide death, family members gathered at the scene as the city coroner’s office sought to remove the woman’s body.

Told a friend of the woman’s as she witnessed the dead woman’s body being removed, ‘She is the last person who would do such a thing.’

‘I saw them yesterday,’ a neighbor told via newspaper reporters ‘And they were so happy.’

Robert Fagenson (left) won $65,000 on the New York State Lotto last week, after some two decades playing twice a week with a specific set of numbers

Of note, Robert and Margaret Fagenson own a $2.8 million unit in the Henderson House.

Three-bedroom units at the building go for $2.5 million according to a real estate listing website. The building is located about a block from Carl Schurz park and Gracie Mansion.

Robert Fagenson is the CEO of Fagenson and Co a boutique money management and investment broker firm.

A 2011 report via the WSJ noted the couple as being supporters of animal rescue groups and donating $75,000 to the North Shore Animal League.

Told the husband via the wsj, We’re nutty pet people,’ when he and his wife were named the paper’s ‘Donors of the Day.’

Of question is whether the financier had experienced any financial setback that may have preempted the man’s wife?

Cops said that Flanagan left no suicide note before jumping, leading some to wonder if the woman’s suicide death was a spur of the moment act, or something she may have been dwelling on.

No mention was made whether the woman had tried hurting or killing herself in the past.

To date cops have offered no motive as to what may have led to the well to do woman taking her own life as some wonder if Margaret Fagenson succumbed to depression or other setbacks yet to have been divulged?

Pictured the Henderson House where Margaret Fagenson lived with her husband Robert Fagenson before jumping to her death.


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