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Established in September of 2004, Europa Newswire specializes in United Nations editorial images. SyndicatedNews is pleased to partner with Europa Newswire and proudly present their unique, exclusive, high definition photography images here. This offering is limited so if you see an image that appeals to you for your website or other publication, download that image promptly as many images are retrieved by the archives at short notice.

Europa Newswire is one of the largest privately held image libraries documenting United Nations’ events of all kinds (social, political, economic or otherwise). For a short time on an annual basis, Europa Newswire offers the public the opportunity to obtain high definition copies of these historical photos.

This photo collection is not only vast and historical, but it chronicles the most recent events that affected world politics, international treaties and various humanitarian efforts decided upon at the United Nations. You can own a licensed copy of any photo in the database direct. You need not obtain images through an intermediary service. You can now obtain the photo of your choice directly with instant downloads. Sign up today!


Images include security council meetings, the General Assembly debates, Goodwill Ambassadors Appointments, Humanitarian Events and Secretary General high-level meetings.

United Nation Editorial Images

europeanBreaking News

Europa Newswire features thousands of high resolution images focusing on breaking news and current UN political events! Here you will find captivating images of UN political events to help convey your message. delivers the latest breaking news and information on the latest top stories, weather, business, entertainment, politics, and more. The latest UN news photos all in one place! We offer unique, high quality, up-to-date photos not found anywhere else online. Please use our search bar to find the perfect photo for your project use.




angelinaUN Photos

Europa Newswire is backed by over 10 years of New York and special UN news photo coverage.

You can count on Europa Newswire to offer exclusive photos taken at all events with an exclusive look at meetings and concerts with celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Mia Farrow, and Quincy Jones to name a few.

Images range from daily UN events, General Assembly, high level meetings, conferences, Security Council meetings, Peace Bell ceremonies, and other related editorial can be licensed through our system.






Europa Newswire has one of the largest image libraries of the UN in private hands, and works with all delegations of the UN. Europa Newswire only offers high resolution images backed by our hand-picked and tested photographers and over 10 years of news coverages experience.


You can search images of UN, Security Council, Secretary General, GoodWill Ambassadors, Celebrities, or news. Please utilize the search bar on their website to find your ideal UN photo.

Cultural Events

Cultural and community events bring people together in a multitude of ways to express their ideas, traditions, values, hope, and culture.

Europa Newswire has a massive library of worldwide cultural events including the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, India Day Parade, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, World Soccer, Chinese New Year, and many others.


CaptureCultural photos will help people further understand the importance and beauty of special events around the world viewing them through fascinating images taken from our professional photographers from around the world.

Europa Newswire only hires professional, well-seasoned photographers for the best coverage from multiple perspectives.

Thousands of images available:

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