Male prostitute, 26, dies of meth overdose at Hollywood home of high-profile Democrat donor

  • Gemmel Moore, 26, was found dead in West Hollywood, CA on July 27
  • Moore died at the home of Ed Buck, a high-profile Democratic donor
  • LA Coroner’s Office said he died of an accidental overdose of methamphetamine
  • Family believes that Moore’s demise was more sinister that revealed
  • Moore’s mother believes that Buck liked watching black men do drugs
  • Ed Buck is not a  suspect in Moore’s death or any other police investigation

A 26-year-old man was found dead at the home of a well-known Democratic party donor late last month of a drug overdose.

The incident occurred on July 27 around 7.22pm at the West Hollywood home of Ed Buck, a high-profile political activist and wealthy contributor to the California and Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

The Los Angeles County Coroner declared Gemmel Moore’s death an ‘accident,’ due to a ‘methamphetamine’ overdose, the WeHo Times publication reported.

But Moore’s family believes that foul play was involved in the hours between Gemmel’s arrival at Buck’s home and his fatal overdose.

During a phone interview with the WeHo Times last week, Gemmel Moore’s mother, LaTisha Nixon, said that her son had been involved with sex-work for the past few years.

Ed Buck and Gerry Brown

‘I called one of my son’s friends and was like, “who the hell is Edward Buck?'” Nixon said, speaking from her home in Spring Texas. ‘And my son’s friend was like, “oh my God, that’s that white guy, that wealthy white politician guy… he was like “oh my God…’”

A one-time registered Republican, Buck began getting involved in Southern California politics in the early 1990s.

Buck became a successful businessman, pioneering in computer technology, specifically in electronic information services, in Arizona before moving to Los Angeles.

He was also a candidate for a councilman seat in West Hollywood and a prominent AIDS activist in the community, according to a profile in 2007.

During Nixon’s conversation with her son’s friend, a darker picture of Moore’s life began to emerge, with Buck allegedly playing a role.

‘When he calmed down, he told me that Ed Buck was one of my son’s clients and that Ed Buck was one of his clients as well,’ Nixon said. ‘[Buck] would have my son to go out to… Santa Monica Boulevard looking for young gay black guys so he could inject them with drugs, see their reaction and how [they] would react and take pictures of them.’

Family: Gemmel Moore is pictured here with his sister and his mother, LaTisha Nixon

A phone call place to Buck for comment was not immediately returned. Buck is not a suspect in Gemmel Moore’s death or any police investigation at the moment.

Ed Buck (pictured here with celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan in June 2011) is not a suspect in Moore’s death or any other police investigation

Nixon said that investigators with the West Hollywood Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department notified her that no drugs or paraphernalia was found at Buck’s home following her son’s death.

An unidentified source who claims that he and Gemmel Moore shared Buck as a client told the WeHo Times that the former city councilman also supplied him with drugs.

In one account, the anonymous source said that Buck asked him if he’d ever ‘slammed,’ a street term for intravenous meth use.

‘I told him no, and that would take more money,’ the source said, describing Buck’s reaction as ‘excited,’ adding he seemed to ‘get off on getting you higher and higher.’

Nixon told the WeHo Times that her son’s troubles may have had their start over a year ago, when he gave her a call in a panic.

‘He filed a police report because he said that Buck had held him in his apartment or whatever and had shot him up with a needle with something he didn’t’ know what it was,’ Nixon said,

‘He called me crying. Three minutes on the phone hollering and I’m like “What the hell is going on?”‘

‘He said “This man, he shot me up with something I don’t even know what it is,” and I’m like, my son is having a breakdown or episode. But he sent me pictures of his arm, his arm was red.’

The WeHo Times reported that at the time of publication, they had yet to obtain a copy of the police report.

No pictures of the alleged red markings on Moore’s arms have been produced, said WeHo.

‘Gemmel got scared and at the urging of relatives and few close friends who knew of these outrageous encounters; my son came home to me in Texas to get away,’ Nixon continued. ‘Yes, my son was an adult and didn’t live a fairy tale perfect life, but he didn’t deserve to die this way.’

Buck in 2015 gave Hillary Clinton $2700 and another $250 a year later, the WeHO Times reported, adding that Buck has also given thousands of dollars to Democratic incumbents in the state.

Other photographs found on his Facebook page show him with celebrities and high-profile California politicians, including Governor Jerry Brown.

The WeHO Times said that it placed numerous phone calls and emails to Buck, all of which has gone unanswered.

NOTE:  Ed Buck was a regular source, contributor, donor and confidant of Ryan Gierach’s while he was publisher of now-shuttered WeHo News

WeHo News Publisher Ryan Gierach Sentenced to Drug Diversion

Mon, Jul 25, 2016

Homeless for 14 Months, WeHo News Publisher Ryan Gierach Fought Shelter’s Brutality

Ryan Gierach, the well-known and controversial publisher of WeHo News, has been found guilty of accosting a neighbor and sentenced to 18 months in a drug diversion program.

The sentence was handed down on July 11 in L.A. Superior Court. Gierach pled no contest to the charge. Gierach was arrested in November of last year after one of what were alleged to be a number of angry confrontations with neighbors at 1245 N. Hayworth Ave. in West Hollywood. A neighbor claimed that Gierach threatened her and threw coffee at her, which led to the charge of battery. Under California law, a person who satisfactorily completes a drug diversion program can effectively have a charge removed from his record.

The sentence is the latest in a series of misfortunes for Gierach, who launched in 2005. For years, WeHo News was the only news medium explicitly focused on West Hollywood. Unlike more objective traditional news media, WeHo News was known for its opinion journalism, with Gierach never reluctant to attack political figures he didn’t like or praise those he favored.

Later came, the West Hollywood part of a network of news sites owned by AOL that since has been sold and no longer actively covers WeHo news. And then came, launched in September 2012, with which Gierach has had a contentious relationship.

Gierach has long been open about his addiction to methamphetamine and his financial struggles. In March he sent out a mass email announcin

Ryan Gierach

g that he and his partner, Marcus Fant, had been homeless for most of the past two years.


Gierach said he was in negotiations with a company to buy WeHo News and finance the launch of a print newspaper. He had had meetings with Multimedia Platforms Worldwide, the financially troubled owner of Frontiers magazine, but no deal was made.


In his email, Gierach said he had spent four days in jail after his arrest for another Hayworth Avenue altercation. He said that his arrest was on charges of felony assault, felony elder abuse and felony making of terrorist and criminal threats stemming from conflicts with his apartment building manager and other tenants.

Gierach also had been evicted from his apartment at 1050 N Laurel Ave. in West Hollywood, where his neighbors had complained about his abusive behavior and his landlord claimed he failed to pay his rent.

Despite his homelessness, Gierach has posted opinion pieces on city issues from time to time. The most recent was his resurrection of a story he published in 2009 about a man convicted of sexual abuse of two teenagers.

On July 10, Gierach announced that the subject of that story had accused him of violating his copyright on photos that Gierach published on WeHo News. Gierach replaced the photos with an obscene image. Gierach also was one of the handful of people in the audience at the West Hollywood City Council’s morning “retreat” on July 16.

At the end of the 18-month rehab period, Gierach is scheduled to appear before a judge on Jan. 11, 2018, who will consider whether to dismiss the charge against him.


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