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Prof. Patricia Reiff

We offer fully portable digital theaters with true HD (using all the width of 1920 and most of the height), with fulldome movies and zoom-in digital starfields.

With support from NASA REASoN and a strong partnership with museums and universities, we bring the excitement of museum-quality shows, presenting a wide range of educational topics, in a state-of-the-art mobile digital theater system, to you.

Our domes are fully flame retardant and handicapped-accessible, and users can come and go during a show. We offer new portable inflatable domes, new high-resolution projectors, and educational and entertainment shows, in additional to bringing “on the road” programs to schools and special events. Daily rentals available from our extensive partner network.

ePlanetarium®, along with Space Update®, is a division of MTPE, Inc., a woman-owned small business. “Brings the Professor to You”™.

Why Choose ePlanetarium?

Discover the Difference!

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This isn’t your old crawl-in star dome!

  • Fulldome Video with Sound: museum-quality fulldome shows are available on all science topics; project a dynamic night sky with stars, planets, constellations, and more.
  • Shows aligned with Science Objectives: over 80,000 students experienced a Discovery Dome in Houston alone in 2011 .. and over 90% of the teachers chose an educational movie instead of a star show… because it met their educational objectives!
  • Upgradeable Components: high-end off-the-shelf components can be upgraded as new projector or computer technology is released – never be stuck with old technology again! And get LOCAL service on your projector and laptop!
  • High Definition Resolution: true 1920×1080 gives sharp, vivid, images which fill virtually the entire dome!
  • Double the Pixels: almost twice as many pixels projected as Digital Starlab or the Digitarium Gamma from Digitalis! (They use only a 1080 circle – we use all 1920 across. We even have 30% more pixels than Digitarium epsilon.)
  • Walk-in Dome: stand up entry, no crawling required; continuous entry and exit without disrupting a show; handicapped accessilble! Special flap to allow projection even on the doorway. Widest range of sizes, types, and colors of any dome manufacturer – now with the new semipermanent Zodiac dome for sale or rent! Beware of imitations – we use only Go-Domes™!
  • 3D Available: Our new projectors change in a flash from fulldome to 3D – NO OTHER SYSTEM is that flexible! And now with “Mediawaarp 3D” available in our special 3D upgrade.
  • Custom Projection Surface: minimizes wrinkles, crosstalk, and sound echoes. Self-closing vents (now copied by Digitalis) allow ventilation without bouncing; resists deflation when large groups exit.
  • Highly Mobile: fast set up (less than 20 minutes), easy to operate, lightweight, easy for one person to carry in a compact car or check as airline luggage.
  • Ease of Use: MediaSHOW is designed for ease of use in having full control of images, movies, sequences, and clips. Training takes just a few minutes and is included in the price. And it is easy to create your own custom show from clips, stills, and sound!
  • Star-field Software: Stellarium, included free, is a collaborative software application that uses the talents of the entire community to provide the best software!
  • Compare to Digitalis or Starlab: See more reasons to choose Discovery Dome over Digitalis or Starlab by seeing our comparison.

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Don’t miss our demonstrations at these listed events. If you’re planning on attending and would like to meet with one of our show specialists and experience our immersive theater, we will be delighted to give you a tour, or we can arrange to visit you when we are in your region. We will come to you for a demo trip for the standard one-day booking fee ($600 plus travel).

Outreach Events are highlighted in green. These events are supported by ePlanetarium as part of our commitment to bring science to the community.



More Info

Feb 24, 2017IMERSAwww.imersa.org
Mar 18, 2017Texas Night Sky Festival, Dripping Springs, TXidatexas.org
Mar 20-24, 2017Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Woodlands, TXwww.hou.usra.edu
Mar 30-Apr 1, 2017NSTA, Los Angeleswww.nsta.org
Apr 22, 2017SETI SpaceBall, San Jose, CAwww.seti.org
Jun 2-3, 2017Astronomy on the Mall, Washington DCwww.hofstra.edu
Sep 1-3, 2017Escape Velocity, Washington DCescapevelocity.events
Oct 21-24, 2017ASTC Annual Conference, San Jose CAwww.astc.org
Dec 10, 2017Exploration Station, New Orleans, LAfallmeeting.agu.org



More Info

Jan 30, 2016Mars Rover Celebtarion, University of Houston, Houston, TXmarsrover.phys.uh.edu
Mar 31-Apr 2, 2016NSTA National, Nashville, TNwww.nsta.org
Apr 9, 2016Reaching for the Stars Festival (formerly Sally Ride Festival), Houston, TXspace.rice.edu/StarFest
Apr 15-17, 2016USA Science and Engineering Fest, Washington, DCwww.usasciencefestival.org
April 2016 (?)STEM Festival, South Padre Island, TXTBD
Jun 10, 2016Astronomy on the Mall, Washington, DCwww.hofstra.edu
Jun 19-25, 2016International Planetarium Society, Warsaw, Polandwww.ips-planetarium.org
Jul 27-30, 2016MAPS (Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society) 2016 Conference, Waldorf, MDwww.mapsplanetarium.org
Sep 24-27, 2016ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers), Tampa, FLwww.astc.org
Nov 10-12, 2016CAST (Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching), San Antonio, TXwww.statweb.org
Dec 11, 2016AGU Exploration Station, San Francisco, CAeducation.agu.org
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