Kanye West is from Georgia. Like many musical talents, he left college to pursue music and left his academics behind. He began by producing tracks for Jay-Z while building his own demo and THE COLLEGE DROPOUT as he called it sold 2.6 million copies and won Best Rap Album in 2004. The rest of his music that followed was equally as successful.

Kanya’s parents divorced by the time he was 3. He was raised by his mom, an English professor and spent summers with his photographer dad.  West continued in the music industry producing music for Ludacris and Byonce among others.

His personal successes continued and he produced music for Twista, Janet Jackson, Brandy and Common among others.  He had great success with John Legend’s GET LIFTED in 2004 and Common’s BE in 2005.


In 2007, he lost his mom to complications from surgery. He split from his then fiancee, Alex Phifer and put out 808s & HEARTBREAK in 2008.

Kanye’s star has been blowing up the skies, he thinks more than he is and he designed a God awful line of clothing made of gauze.

He eventually got caught up in the Kardashian group and has had two children with his wife Kim Kardashian.

A few weeks ago, he went on a stage rant where he said that if he ever voted, he would have voted for Donald Trump. The audience was cruel as they boo’d him off the stage and into a psychiatric hospital.

Kanye has gained a great deal of notoriety when he took a microphone away from Taylor Swift and told the audience the award should have gone to Beyonce (he was drinking out of a hard liquor bottle). Referring to himself as the greatest thing on earth, comparing himself with Jesus and his blue eye contacts get a lot of criticism.

Through the years, Donald Trump knew Kanye and his mother and had met with them from time to time. This week, Kanye went to see Donald and the most impressive thing about the meeting was that unlike other celebrities and business leaders, Donald escorted Kanye down to the lobby himself and stood right by Kanye facing the press.

Donald told the press that Kanye was a good man and that they were friends and would not tell the press whatever it was they spoke about but with his body language, the President Elect let the press know that he wasn’t going to allow them to “pick on the kid.”

It was tender, that Donald Trump not only accompanied the young man to face the press, but stood by him as a parental figure. It was truly touching. He protected Kanye on an emotional and social basis both with what he said as well as how he stood around him in a rather protective manner.

This is one of the great caring features the public doesn’t get to see about Donald Trump’s personal array of social tools. He could have let Kanye walk out alone where the press might have attacked Kanye but the Donald didn’t allow it.

Instead, he walked him out and made sure everyone knew they were on a positive note and told Kanye to call him whenever he needs him. President Elect Donald J. Trump was a very big man when he fathered that parent-less young man today. It was truly touching.


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