While the price of bitcoin has continued to linger around the $400 (£245, €315) mark, dogecoin has seen its price surge significantly over the last couple of days.

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency has risen in value by around 17% in the last 24 hours alone, taking its market capitalization to its highest level since May.

It has bucked the trend of almost all other major markets, which have tended to follow the lead of bitcoin’s recent price slide.

doge1Dogecoin has climbed back into the top three mineable cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, following a recent price surge that saw its value increase by a quarter.paypal

Recent news of a partnership with PayPal and GoCoin are most likely the leading factors in the price increase.

“The partnership announcement is huge for users of other cryptocurrencies, specifically litecoin and dogecoin, because it closes the social gap between bitcoin and the rest of the alternatives,” said cryptocurrency commentator Clay Gillespie.

litecoin“It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that litecoin is now, without a doubt, the current number two in social perception.

“It also wouldn’t be crazy or silly to claim dogecoin as number three, moving into a bit more serious area of existence.”gocoin

The Tages-Anzeiger newspaper was ‘utilized’ recently by the Swiss Banking industry in an attempt to instill fear in the public of working with cryptocurrency by stating that the Swiss Government considered ‘using cryptocoins a few years ago but only to pay off drug informants.’ Again, an established financial institution trying to give coins a negative perception.

There again is one of many examples of an established government’s banking arm making nagative Logo-TA-category@2xpublic statements about cryptocurrency in an attempt to foster a negative view of a new currency that they have not yet learned and do not understand.

Every manner of disparagement against cryptocurrency is being used where ever banking agents have begun to recognize that their personal knowledge related to standard currency is not only being challenged but has become obsolete and that if they don’t go into an emergency study-mode of crytocurrency, that their skills will become useless in the future of banking.

Benefits of using any cryptocurrency is the lack of paper trails and other evidence that could be used to expose sources. There are no couriers, no international bank transactions, solid contract and payment environments and they disguise and provide ‘plausible deniability’ [and] reduced costs.”

Observations of CryptoCurrency:

Both curiosity and fear are working hand-in-hand in cryptocoin circles. It is such a new and interest creating subject that the U.S. military (Spec-Ops to be exact) flew crypto specialists in from around the world to Tampa, Florida to speed up the U.S. military’s understanding of how crytptocurrency works, how it is managed and most importantly – how it is stored.

Imagine what that room looked like when the cryptocurrency designers, primarily tech guru’s and young mathematicians, engineers, cryptodesigners and coders disembarked the planes. Many chose to focus on their Birkenstock Sandals, rasta dreads, nose rings and blue jeans and sneakers uniforms.

These avantgarde young people had to sit in board rooms and teach the straight laced military brass what cryptocoins are and how they work.

And then there are the inimitable Swiss bankers. They would be entertaining if they had not already built themselves an infamous reputation. Consider that when it was fully proven that they had billions of dollars in their coffers that had been stolen by Nazi’s from Jewish families and businesses – they defied anyone that told them it must be returned.

Swiss bankers and their huge law firms were the ones that stood their ground and refused to relinquish the stolen billions. Switzerland used its immigration offices to unfairly keep the heirs out of Switzerland by denying them travel visas, and demanded death certificates of the account holders knowing full well that the nazi regime did not provide death certificates for holocaust victims.

It is not an insignificant point in banking world history that the World Jewish Congress had to actually sue the Swiss bank industry as a whole because Swiss bankers not only knew the assets they held were stolen by high-profile politicians, thieves and nazi’s but refused to return the property to its rightful owners – the heirs of holocaust victims.

In many cases, the heirs had photographs showing their relatives having dinner in their own home dining rooms with the paintings clearly visible in the background of the portraits. Still Swiss bankers stood their ground.

Still the Swiss bankers would not relent and do the right thing. Even though the Swiss Banks were morally and legally in the wrong – they still put up a formidable fight in the law suit rather than just do the right thing and return the stolen funds and property.

Just about every high profile criminal (especially governmental employees and politicians in a position to steal billions at a time) has generally held his or her stolen loot in Swiss accounts and that’s how Switzerland and most of the Swiss banking industry likes it.

Consider that the fraudulent, false methods created by banks and forced onto the general public, have been the status quo for decades and most of these systems that only benefit the banks have routinely gone unchallenged.

Also keep in mind that cryptocurrency pioneers were tremendously ingenious visionary engineers and designers.

Along comes cryptocurrency which is decentralized and is not controlled by banks or the banking industry; it naturally has bankers standing on their heads.

Of late, the banking industry has been fueling media with highly negative articles about cryptocurrency because when it comes to this electronic, digital currency – the banking industry is not in control of it as it has been traditionally.

Not only is this new currency viable, it is also out of the reach of governments and regulators. PayPal, Ebay and Amazon began accepting cryptocurrency during our most recent three day weekend.

To avoid the public playing with cryptocoins versus going out shopping to stores, the National Retail Lobby paid $20+ Million USD to NOT have the news about the three online purchasing giants accepting cryptocoin during the weekend of August 29 through September 1st. The news WAS however released in Asia, Europe and Central and South America.

The American retail industry feared that interrupting the 3 day shopping weekend with the majority of the public exploring the possibility of shopping with cryptocoins and staying away from retail shops would have devastated many street level shops dependent on “walk in” traffic.

The same fears and trepidations hold true for American bankers who similarly to Swiss bankers have been making ridiculous claims to disparage the currency.

This new fear reminds us of when protestant preachers took to their pulpits across the United States to put the fear of God into Americans considering putting a telephone in their homes.

Bible thumping clergy from California to New York told parishioners that demonic spirits would come out of the box and go directly into their brains via the hand set. Crytocurrency is now receiving a similar pushback by those that have not studied cryptocurrency and do not know what it is.

btmBanking industry professionals that have studied it and know what it is also see the writing on the wall. They realize that crytocurrency removes the status quo they have come to enjoy.

Crytocurrency is having the same reception as was given to Automatic Teller Machines upon their arrival to the banking scene.

The rejection was quick and furious but ATM’s have indeed replaced tellers and have become part of the banking landscape.

ATM’s were not the passing fad bankers had suggested they would be. And not only did ATM’s become accepted worldwide but they are now being replaced by BTM’s (Bitcoin Teller Machines).

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