Back in 2010, as Congressional midterm elections were approaching, trash talk against the Tea Party folk and anyone asking for less government spending and taxation got shot down with more than just insulting remarks.

Sen. Al Franken in particular, (yes, the Saturday Night Live comedian) was trying to get re-elected that year. Republicans went after him on a regular basis and they were brutal with their statements considering his history as an effeminate stand up comic.

Even his democratic competitors who took shots at him in public, got very secretive and friendly with each other behind the scenes. That’s because together Al Franken, Michael F. Bennett, Jeff Merkley, Chuck Schumer, Jeanne Shaheen, Tom Udall and Sheldon Whitehouse (seven democratic senators) wrote letters to the IRS (which they all signed) demanding that the IRS put pressure on tea party non profit status applications.

Al Franken’s character on SNL

What is even more hypocritical is that none of them came forward to defend Lois Lerner when she was on the hot seat for a situation they in fact created.

Now in 2017, everyone refers to the letter but no one seems able to find a copy because all seven of them have removed the letters from their official websites and their assistants’ can’t seem to find a copy in their office files.

The reason the letters are important is because Al Franken, Michael F. Bennett, Jeff Merkley, Chuck Schumer, Jeanne Shaheen, Tom Udall and Sheldon Whitehouse affixed their signatures to the letter demanding that the Internal Revenue Service give extra hard scrutiny to conservative political groups when they applied for their non-profit status.

Here’s a sampling of some recent barbs:

“As a driving force behind the IRS Scandal, he denied First Amendment rights to Conservatives. It’s unacceptable that he directed a powerful government agency to intimidate and harass people based on their personal beliefs.” – GOP Senate hopeful Mike McFadden in a fundraising letter.

“Will you ask @alfranken why he signed a letter urging the IRS to go after conservative groups? – Republican Party of Minnesota Secretary Chris Fields in this tweet…

Franken stayed “shamefully silent in the face of IRS targeting.” – GOP Senate hopeful Julianne Ortman in a fundraising email sent Feb. 25, 2014.

The Evidence

The seven democrats had no problem with Hillary Clinton refusing to identify her donors as she illegally circumvented American laws of every kind.

Bill and Hillary Clinton collected mega-millions via Canada based Frank Giustra who when following Canadian law, didn’t have to worry about American laws of any kind. Charities have no obligation to identify who their donors are, how it was made, there are no limits on how much is donated and the entire donation can be completely secret.

7 Senators Pressure IRS against Conservatives by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

By working through Giustra, like any other “organized” group, Hillary Clinton violated and circumvented campaign laws, donor limits, know your customer banking laws, and even the origin of the money didn’t have to be identified. That’s particularly important since she’s on record for having pressured a cocaine dealer to give her a large donation.

Al Franken and his democratic buddies were pressuring the IRS to put the screws to republican applicants and then went silent when questioned about it.


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