About David Copperfield
MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada
The night of May 30, 2013

It is simple advice: you want to see a great show that will live with you the rest of your life? If you were at Woodstock (they say that if all the people who say they were there had actually been there, it would have been about 5 million people), ever saw Earl Scruggs or Steve Vai, Rowan and Martin, Steve Martin, Dean Martin, or even been to a Phish show then you know what memorable is.  I do too. I saw David Copperfield last in 1984, and never forgot it.

Then, this past Thursday I took my wife Marilyn and saw again that memorable event of a Copperfield show. Just take my word for it, that magic is what you end up believing in after watching his recent ‘illusions’.. (in quotes because they do not seem like illusions), things actually DID happen! Any language, ethnic background, or person will find they have witnessed something they will talk about the rest of their lives when the subject of magic comes up.. or simply the subject of just great shows they have seen.

Mr. Copperfield’s show is not just effects.  And to me, the real magic is the how effortlessly his poignant stories of his life, recognizing struggles of World War II (so cleverly worked in to a ‘trick’ that it draws you in to that magic space where you feel the performer is talking directly to you, across your kitchen table), and the affable manner that is his delivery.

Too many great things to explain or describe, other than his presentation takes place IN the audience, OVER The audience, and WITH the audience (as in when a dozen of them disappear from stage) that one feels the showroom is full of a huge family of us watching in amazement a master at work in your living room. Just go. You won’t regret it.

One of the best things on a stage anywhere. You owe it to yourself to witness real magic that you will carry with you the rest of your life. Take someone, too, because you will feel a real need to talk about what you saw later on.

John McEuen
ceo syndicatednews.net


June – September 2013



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