Armando Christian Perez, world renowned rapper is Jennifer Betances’ brother. We wish her the very best in her business success as well. Keep your eyes out for her new protein bars – excellent snack for athletes: GET IT # DONE!

jennifer_latinaThe beautiful Jennifer Betances enjoyed cooking since she was a youngster. She learned how to cook Cuban food from her aunt and she is known for whipping up tasty Cuban or Latin fusion cuisine where ever she’s found. She has now launched her own website at Jennifer does not want to mention that her brother is the extremely successful hiphop star, Armando Christian Perez known as ‘Pitbull’ but we can post mention it because it is true and it’s wonderful to have so many successful siblings from the same family.

Armando heats up the stage while Jennifer heats up her Cuban kitchen!  

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Ingredients are Almond butter, Wisconsin honey, chocolate, soy lecithin, coconut, cranberries, raisins, papaya, cherries, pineapple, dried apple chips, pine nuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews and walnuts. Beautiful to look at and wonderful to eat. Congratulations Jennifer – this is spectacular!


Jennifer Betances’ Facebook Page is chock full of recipes!

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Visit Jennifer’s YouTube Channel to watch her cook in action!


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