hans-olson-webIt is rare in today’s music that the singer addresses sensitive topical subjects.

Hans Olson, great blues guitarist/songwriter from Tempe, AZ, does that in a manner that makes the listener consider both sides of a difficult situation simply by stating the facts in song.

One can find them seeing another side of one of this country’s most difficult jobs, one done with dedication to helping people.

Yes, mistakes are made. People overstep their authority and others get hurt. But the look at the ‘job’ from Hans’ point of view gives one a different. The song is The Thin Blue Line…

— John McEuen, CEO SyndicatedNews.NET LLC at www.SNN.BZ and a founder of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                

hans7HANS OLSON is a veteran performing musician with over 45 years in the music business. He began his career as a lead singer in a Rock & Roll band in Southern California in 1967. By 1970, Hans had developed a very unique and powerful solo act.

He plays an amplified acoustic guitar and harmonica. He is known as one of the best “harp-in-a-rack” players in the world.

Hans’ singing is very powerful. His voice is comfortable singing many styles of music ranging from mellow folk ballads to growling boogie blues.

Hans’ songwriting is one of his most notable assets. He has recorded over 70 of his songs on his 13 independent record releases.

Hans has been a full time performing musician since 1972. He has toured all over the world, but most of the time he travels the highways in Arizona where he has an amazing reputation of being a solo act that can rock a nightclub all night long..

Hans plays music in a wide variety of styles influenced by artists such as:

Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Burdon, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, John Hammond and Tom Waits.


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