The son of former Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), John Conyers III, whom the former congressman has endorsed for his seat, was arrested but not charged in a domestic violence dispute earlier this year, NBC News reported late Wednesday. 

Who is John Conyers son?  A rapper with absolutely no experience doing anything.

John Conyers own wife Monica was recently released from prison having served her sentence on corruption charges.

According to the network, the district attorney’s office in Los Angeles County said it “could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim’s injury was not accidentally sustained” in an attempt to neutralize her in the Feb. 15 incident.

The report cited by NBC News says that John Conyers III told police that his girlfriend sustained a cut during a physical scuffle after she used a knife to threaten him. The woman, who is not identified in the report, claimed John Conyers III wounded her with the knife.

“She says I stabbed her, which makes no sense,” the younger Conyers told The New York Times in an interview published Wednesday.

“I didn’t do this. She and I had a verbal altercation and that escalated. She pulled the knife on me. She was chasing me. I tried to take it from her. There was a struggle. I pinned her to the wall. She kept swinging and she cut herself.”

The former congressman announced his retirement in a radio interview on Tuesday and said that he hoped his son would run for his seat.

But John Conyers III, a Detroit hedge fund manager, told the Times he has not made a decision yet.

“I was extremely caught off guard by his endorsement. This is what he wants. Who am I to tell him what he wants?” John Conyers III told the newspaper.

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