For the past 25 or so years, I have had a studio on South Beach. From time to time whenever my friends or friends of my friends were in town they would stop by for a cup of coffee and some stimulating conversation. Someone suggested that our conversations, along with some of the quirkier interviews I did for Alive on South Beach, would make an interesting radio show. After listening to hours and hours of taped interviews, I selected those I think are an entertaining mix. So sit back and ENJOY!

(Paul McCartney performs the Johnny Mercer classic, “Accentuate the Positive”)

We have a great line up of conversations with some very interesting people who share with you how they love to spend their time and passion.


Meet  Shep Gordon  ( seen with the Dalai Lama),  is Shep-Gordon-meets-the-Dal-008the marketing and managerial force behind some of the biggest superstars in America is a “SUPER MENCH”, find out why!





Barney Rosenzweig explains the real story behind why the Academy Awards are so “white”.

barney rosenzweig







Jaquin Pasada  Dr. Joaquin Posada explains why it’s important to “keep your eye on the marshmallow”.


Jessica Speart, talks about the dark world of smuggling and collecting butterflies as pieces of art.Jessica Speart

Thandi Brewer    Thandi Brewer shares with us the difficulties of creating a Writers Guild in South Africa.


Michael Love, is the “specialty chef” at Epicure, a gourmet retail landmark on South Beach.  He’s sometimes referred to as “The SLVAGE CHEF” AND  talks about the best recipes to salvage food  leftovers in your refrigerator.


We end our show with Sitar Master, Stephan Mikes, playing his original piece, “Patagonia Sunrise”