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Ruthie DiTucci, TELL ME
Richard S. Lowry, LOWRYleaks
Ian Williams, United Nations Correspondent
Dr. Kevin Maguire, D.O., the DR. MAGUIRE HOUR
Judge Michele Lowrance, FAMILY MATTERS
Eduardo Quezada, NEWS AT NINE
Roberto Arguello, CUENTAME PAISANO
Lee Zimmerman, MUSIC ON THE ROAD

Ruthie DiTucci, PRESIDENT
John McEuen, CEO

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Ruthie DiTucci, Internet Entrepreneur, serves as our President and Operations Coordinator. A renown domain name and technology pioneer since the inception of the internet, DiTucci established herself in 1995, when she was the only female owning and operating a reseller domain registration business in New York, DomainAvenue.com which is now part of Wyith Industries based in Hong Kong, China. She hosts TELL ME.

John McEuen, one of the original founders of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John has 45+ years experience in the entertainment and music industry, and serves as our CEO and Musical Director. McEuen, a 4 time Grammy winner and Emmy nominee, has accolades and recognitions for his accomplishments too numerous to list here. He currently resides in New York City when not performing in one of the 120 cities he visits yearly.  He is host to The AMERICANA MUSIC SHOW. www.johnmceuen.com

Ian Williams, is now our very own United Nations Correspondent. Ian has been reporting about the United Nations for decades. We proudly carry his late-breaking-news reports and his weekly book reports. Ian has provided news commentaries for FOX, CBS, CNN, ABC, Reuters, the BBC, the Guardian, Hardball, The O’Reilley Factor and countless other broadcasts and publications. We are very happy to have him become part of the SyndicatedNews.NET family.

Geoffrey Clarfield, is “an ANTHROPOLOGIST AT LARGE”. For more than thirty years he has explored and analyzed cultural and social differences, first as an ethnomusicologist in North Africa and the Middle East, then as an anthropologist among the camel herders of the Horn of Africa and finally as a development professional designing and implementing projects in the developing world. Clarfield lived and worked for 20 years in Africa and the Middle East, spending years at a time among remote peoples as well as among the decision makers in various capital cities. He shares his insights in articles published in Canadian and British magazines, newspapers and now joins SyndicatedNews.NET

David K. McNulty, retired as an employee of the City of Orlando, Florida. His interests in real estate and good old fashioned frugal financial management have proven successful for his own portfolio and have helped guide SyndicatedNews.NET safely through many of the Internet trends and changing behaviors. His role in SyndicatedNews.NET has been mostly behind the scenes but as the business develops he is becoming more visible in day-to-day business.

Marilyn McEuen, Representing diverse national clients in Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Branding, Marilyn earned several awards for excellence and recognition from high quality work and successes. Marilyn has taken her PR talents in to the film/television world (as well as artist management), and is pursuing several projects for both outlets, some with her company Corn Dance Productions, based in Florida. Having also contributed several fashion articles for SNN, she now brings her marketing and PR expertise to SNN.

Richard S. Lowry, 2011 Pulitzer Prize nominee is our in-house Political Historian and Political Commentator for LOWRYleaks. Richard contributes exclusive and unique viewpoints on political and military matters. Lowry spent several months aboard the U.S.S. Bataan this year – he emailed us his daily stories for instant broadcast in spite of the distance… and secret locations.   https://snn.bz/lowry/

Hon. Jill Egizii, Mayor of Leland Grove, Illinois, Pres. of Parental Alienation Awareness Organization, and Certified Legal Expert in Parental Alienation. Author of THE LOOK OF LOVE, a novel about parental alienation; Egizii also hosts a television show in Chicago. Currently Jill lives in Springfield, Illinois and co-hosts our FAMILY MATTERS with Judge Michele Lowrance. The Look of Love.

Hon. Judge Michele Lowrance,  retired from one of the largest Family Courts in the United States (Cook County, Chicago, Illinois). Author of The Good Karma Divorce, a true how-to manual for any divorce. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois and has written several books. The Good Karma Divorce is only one of them. Judge Lowrance has been assigned to teach Family Court Judges throughout Illinois about PAS and now runs her own divorce mediation service in Chicago.

Dr. Kevin Maguire, DO (doctor of osteopathy) is an accomplished and highly respected physician in Anchorage, Alaska, (where he practices and resides) and recognized for his work by a variety of professional organizations worldwide. Dr. McGuire interviews people from around the world while based in Anchorage. He hosts our exclusive the DR. MAGUIRE HOUR. The Maguire Hour covers topics related to OSHA, Work related health issues, pharmaceuticals, social trends and current events as they relate to society and our general health.

Todd Matthews, joined the NamUs management team in 2011 as the program transitioned to the UNT Health Science Center. In his current role, he manages the NamUs Regional System Administrator staff, oversees quality assurance and quality control of NamUs data, performs outreach and training, coordinates all NamUs print and broadcast media, and serves as the media spokesperson for NamUs. Mr. Matthews previously served as a NamUs Regional System Administrator and was a member of the NamUs Advisory Board for the development of the NamUs database and program. In those roles, he piloted efforts to coordinate data exchanges between NamUs and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Mr. Matthews has also served as the Media Director for two important volunteer programs related to missing and unidentified persons: The Doe Network and Project EDAN. He has worked as a blogger for Discovery ID and served as a consultant for Jerry Brukheimer on “The Forgotten” and Dick Wolf on “Lost & Found”, two scripted series related to missing and unidentified persons.

Stewart Stewart and Dena Stewart, both visual artists,  are long-time residents of South Beach, Florida. They run Center for Folk & Community Art, a 501[C]3 and have been using their nationally recognized “Telling Stories Through Visuals” writing & drawing model outreach program to address social issues. The Stewarts host Alive on South Beach and represent our Miami Bureau. Dena recently published a book “Inner Peace … It Isn’t Out There!” (Available on Amazon print and Kindle, and Barnes & Noble print and Nook.)

Bill Boylan is our inimitable, entertaining and extremely well informed field correspondent whose specialties are golf, baseball, motorcycles and sports in general. Bill’s coverage includes video, photographs, live interviews and instant publishing from remote locations. Bill heads our US/Asia Sports Division. He may be found covering Film, Music, Festivals and sometimes Travel. Bill is also a noted actor and Improv performer.

Roberto Arguello hosts CUENTAME PAISANO and Eduardo Quezada hosts NEWS AT NINE. They both have longstanding careers in Spanish language radio and television. We are enjoying all that they are teaching us and enjoying the beautiful spanish language content they provide.

Vernell Hackett is based in Nashville, TN and has a long writing history for well known country music magazines and publications. She is often present at country events when the action is happening in real time versus after the fact. Her writing is historial and exciting as she captures details, sounds and music that only those present can possibly put to paper.

Lee Zimmerman was the Director of Communications and in charge of public relations for WFOR-TV / CBS4 and WBFS / myTV33, two CBS-owned television stations in South Florida. In addition to his 20 years of experience in Public Relations, Marketing and Record Company Promotion, he has also garnered a respected reputation as an accomplished freelance music writer, reviewer, critic and blogger for among others, No Depression, Country Standard Time, CBS Watch Magazine, Goldmine, Blurt, New Times, Billboard, Keyboard Magazine and Performing Songwriter.  Lee Zimmerman is now the Executive Director of Communications for SyndicatedNews.NET

TingTing Li, Director Chinese Affairs. TingTing is the first SyndicatedNews.NET contributing writer with a rich Chinese background.  She graduated from UCLA and began her professional career as a marketing professional. She is currently working at a PR company GennComm. The firm recently carried out successful PR campaigns for well-known children’s entertainment brands such as several Despicable Me 2 toys lines, Bandai Toy Lines, and world famous children’s entertainment music group The Wiggles.  TingTing is extremely passionate about the entertainment industry.  She writes about entertainment, fashion, and sometimes music across China and the United States.