A cocaine bust in New York City forces corporations, business owners and Chipotle’s employees to revisit the fine print in their Human Resource rules and regulations – most of which are not ONE SIZE FITS ALL.  Of the five arrested in this summer’s cocaine bust, the most senior of the five or more people named in the indictment was Chipotle’s Executive, Mark Crumpacker who was their chief marketing and development officer. He did a stint in rehab and Chipotle reinstated him to his job with his former status.

Chipotle’s spokesman, Chris Arnold stated that “After careful consideration and review, we’ve learned that any mistake Mark may have made in his personal life was not related to, nor did it affect, his work.” “In the eight years that he has been with Chipotle, he has been an extremely valuable member of our leadership team and contributed greatly to Chipotle’s success.”

But if the circumstances for Mark Crumpacker are in fact true, then it sets the precedent for all Chipotle employees that after a coke bust, their lives will have little consequence. Any Chipotle employee at any franchisee location anywhere can interpret Crumpacker’s reinstatement to mean that whatever drug related mistake an employee makes within the scope of their personal life, is unrelated to their work at Chipotle’s. Or does this agreement only apply to executives?

Chipotle chief of marketing and development officer Mark Crumpacker in cuffs over cocaine purchase case .

Court Bailiff uncuffing Chipotle’s chief of marketing and development officer, Mark Crumpman in NY Court.

dailymailcom_smlYoung, rich – and busted: Fox producer, Chipotle executive, Merrill Lynch banker, Wall Street accountant, Cushman & Wakefield broker and Huffington Post blogger cuffed after year-long Manhattan cocaine sting. Full Indictment Document below…  Notice how the Chipotle Executive has already had his name redacted in the indictment while everyone else was thrown under the bus.

Drug Indictment of NYC “1 Percenters.” by Syndicated News SNN.BZ

  • Katie Welnhofer, 29, who works on Mornings with Maria, was arrested
  • Mark Crumpacker, 53, Chipotle’s CMO, has also been indicted 
  • Sources told Daily Mail Online he will surrender in the next few days  
  • They were two of 18 alleged drug dealers collared as part of the operation 
  • Christopher Dodson, a client associate at Merrill Lynch, and his real estate professional brother were also indicted
  • It followed a year-long undercover investigation by New York City cops
  • Three kingpins allegedly used livery services to delivery the cocaine around Manhattan and to Brooklyn
  • The deals are said to have gone down in multiple locations, including CVS and Duane Reade pharmacies and a Gristedes supermarket
  • Some of them also had the cocaine delivered to their homes and offices

Katie Welnhofer, 29 was a producer for Fox News

Mark Crumpacker, CMO for Chipotle Restaurants (A McDonalds spinoff)


(L-R) Executive producer/director Tim Piper, Chipotle Chief Marketing & Development Officer Mark Crumpacker, co-CEO of Chipotle Steve Ells, co-CEO of Chipotle Monty Moran, executive producer/writer Daniel Rosenberg and Chipotle Chief Finance Officer Jack Hartung walk the red carpet at the world premiere of “Farmed and Dangerous,” a Chipotle/Piro production

A Lower East Side drug ring had Duane Reade and CVS customers powdering their noses outside the beauty aisle, authorities charged Thursday.

Duane Reade and CVS pharmacies were some of the locations the drug dealers routinely used to meet with their cocaine customers to complete sales transactions.

Three members of a major cocaine trafficking ring that used Duane Reade stores to conduct sales over the past year were indicted Thursday in a takedown that also included 18 customers.

The kingpin, Kenny “Jay” Hernandez, 35, and his fellow dealers, Felix “Jake” Nunez, 27, and Oscar Almonte, 29, were charged with selling over $75,000 worth of nose candy.

The dealers sold at “many” Duane Reade and CVS pharmacies, as well as at delis, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said.

A Fox News producer, a Chipotle executive and a Merrill Lynch associate are among a group of 18 high-flyers who have been arrested after a massive New York cocaine ring was cracked.

Katie Welnhofer, 29, who works on ‘Mornings with Maria’ on Fox Business, and the Mexican fast food chain’s Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Mark Crumpacker, 53, have been indicted after the operation.

Christopher Dodson, 28, a client associate at Merrill Lynch, and his brother Austin, 24, an associate at real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, were also arrested. 

Underwriting consultant Christian Jewett, 31, Marwood Group senior associate Kyle Holmes, 27, tax accountant Roman Yoffe, 36, and Huffington Post blogger and education professional Alexander Mallory, 31, were also among those indicted. 

They were all charged with the criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, according to court documents seen by Daily Mail Online. 

It followed a year-long investigation into a massive drug ring that sold $75,000 worth of cocaine and operated from the Lower East Side. 

Three kingpins Kenny ‘Jay’ Hernandez, Felix Nunez and Oscar Almonte were also arrested.

They allegedly used livery services to deliver cocaine to customers throughout Manhattan.

The probe is believed to have begun after investment banker Thomas Hughes jumped to his death from his 24th floor luxury apartment in May last year.

Reports suggest police found the number of his dealer on his cell phone when they searched his home.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said: ‘Drug dealers profit by sowing seeds of addiction that destroy lives, families, and communities.

‘We are dedicated to stemming both the supply and demand for dangerous narcotics, and the crime that accompanies the market for illegal drugs.’ 

‘I thank my Office’s prosecutors and our partners at the NYPD, and in particular, the undercover detectives who put their lives at risk to protect our City’s residents,’ said Police Commissioner William J. Bratton.

‘This narcotics operation was organized and discreet, but it could not withstand the precision of this long-term investigation’.

‘Selling cocaine in a variety of bars and clubs throughout Manhattan, the ringleader also allegedly sold to NYPD undercovers on more than a dozen instances. 

‘I commend the brave work of all the investigators who built this case, along with the Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit at District Attorney Vance’s Office.’ 

From June 2015, they were allegedly obtaining, transporting, processing, packaging, selling, and delivering large quantities of powder cocaine to customers throughout Manhattan, the indictment reads.

Hernandez oversaw the ring and personally conducted the vast majority of the sales, including eleven separate sales to undercover detectives.  

As detailed in the indictment, members of the ring allegedly used car services to deliver the drugs to buyers, including to delis, restaurants, bars, apartments, hotels, and the buyers’ workplaces. 

The defendants delivered to locations across Manhattan, including the Lower East Side, the Upper East Side, Chelsea, the Financial District, and Midtown, as well as areas of Brooklyn and Queens. Many of the sales took place in delis or Duane Reade and CVS pharmacies.  

Customers generally paid between $200 and $300 per transaction.

Welnhofer and the Dodsons were arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Thursday morning. 

According to the indictment, Welnhofer made two purchases of cocaine – one in March and one in May – to an address on West 25th Street. 

The producer was led into the court in a jumpsuit with handcuffs and with her hair pulled back. She was held on $15,000 bail.

According to her Facebook profile, Welnhofer is from Wilmette, Illinois. Before joining Fox Business, where she produces for ‘Money Honey’ Maria Bartiromo, she worked for One World Sports.

The Northwestern University graduate has also been a producer of Good Morning America and had stints at Inside Edition and CNBC.

In November 2014, she attended Eric Trump and Lara Yunaska’s lavish wedding.

At the time she and Lara were colleagues at Inside Edition. It is not believed that she and the Trumps remain friends but she does still post on his social media pages.

It is her 30th birthday on Friday. 

Christopher Dodson made at least 17 purchases of cocaine between January and May this year. Many of the transactions occurred in Duane Reade pharmacies. 

His brother Austin bought cocaine twice – one in February and once in March. According to the indictment, the March purchase was made at a restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.

Both Austin and Christopher Dodson played lacrosse at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania after graduating from the elite Landon School.

Austin met his girlfriend Rosalin Savoie, 23, a marketing co-ordinator with Rimmel London, at Dickinson, where she played soccer. 

Savoie, of Bethel, Connecticut, was pictured picking him after he posted bail on Thursday evening. 

Roman Yoffe, 36, a tax accountant, also appeared in court as his pregnant wife sat in the public gallery. 

He made at least seven cocaine purchases that were delivered to his Water Street place of work, according to the indictment. One was made in a Gristedes supermarket.

In 2013, Crumpacker was named Chipotle’s Chief Development Officer and now leads the company’s real estate, design, construction and facilities functions worldwide.

Prior to joining Chipotle, he was the founder, CEO and Creative Director at Sequence, a San Francisco-based branding and interactive agency.  

Mallory has blogged on Huffington Post, went to Manhattan’s Fieldston school before Williams and also founded the company Competitive Edge Tutoring. 

He made seven purchases between March and May this year, five at a CVS pharmacy near Washington Square Park  and two at his home address in the West Village. 

Kyle Holmes, 27, of Astoria, Queens, a Senior Associate at healthcare focused financial services firm the Marwood Group, was also indicted. 

Alex Mallory, Huffington Post Education Writer

Rosalin Savoie (in the Daisy Duke Shorts) and Austin Dodson after his family bailed him out

Rosalin Savoie (in the Daisy Duke Shorts) and Austin Dodson leaving Manhattan Criminal Court

Roman Yoffee, RVY Accounting Services, NYC

Mark Crumpacker, CMO for Chipotle Restaurants (A McDonalds spinoff) and he is on the Board of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

Kyle Holmes, 27, of Astoria, Queens, employee of the Marwood Group also appeared in court on cocaine charges



Katie Welnhofer, 29 was a producer for Fox News with Maria Bartoromo Business News

Katie Welnhofer, 29

Katie Welnhofer, 29

Austin Dodson, Chris’ brother, looked stunned as he appeared in court. He is an associate at real estate firm Cushman and Wakefield


Christopher Dodson, a client associate for Merrill Lynch, was one of those collared in the operation

Christopher Dodson, a client associate for Merrill Lynch, appropriately bowed his head

Austin Dodson met his 23-year-old girlfriend (pictured together) at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania

Alex Mallory, Huffington Post Education Writer

Kenny Herndandez, the alleged leader of the cocaine ring, walks into court to face the judge

Kenny Herndandez, the alleged leader of the cocaine ring, walks into court to face the judge

Thomas Hughes, committed suicide

Thomas Hughes took cocaine right before he flung himself from his building. The death was ruled a suicide. A sharp detective found the coke dealer’s number on Hugh’s cell phone and that was the first step towards investigating the drug ring that supplied Hughes with the cocaine he last took right before he took his life.

He made at least six purchases of cocaine between January and April. One purchase, in March, was delivered to the Quality Italian restaurant on West 57th Street.

Welnhofer, from Wilmette, Illinois, worked with Mornings with Maria on Fox Business

Katie Welnhofer, 29, works on Mornings with Maria on Fox Business. She was raised in Wilmette, Illinois and is a graduate of Northwestern. It is her 30th birthday on Friday

She is friends with Eric Trump’s wife Lara and attended their wedding in 2014. She lives in Chelsea.

Mark Crumpacker, 53, is Chief Creative and D
evelopment Officer at Chipotle. He leads the company’s real estate, design, construction, and facilities functions worldwide. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. 

He attended the University of Colorado and lives in the West Village. A feature in Adweek said he was responsible for designing the company’s first logo in the 1990s

Austin Dodson, 24, attended Dickinson College where he played Lacrosse.  Christopher Dodson, 28, lives in Midtown East. He is a client associate at Merrill Lynch.  Christian Jewett, 31, is an underwriting consultant of Boxford Maryland, he previously lived in the East Village. He attended Wake Forest University.

Roman Yoffe, 36, of Battery Park is a tax accountant running his own company RVY Accounting Services. He is married to a lawyer who is pregnant with their child. According to their 2008 New York Times engagement announcement Yoffe’s parents live in Stratford, Ontario.

Alexander Mallory, 31, lives in Greenwich Village and attended Williams University. He is founder and educational director Competitive Edge Tutoring

Kyle Holmes, 27, lives in Astoria, Queens. He is a Senior Associate at Marwood Group – a healthcare focused financial services firm.


Welnhofer, from Wilmette, Illinois, is pictured modeling a bikini


To: All Chipotle Email Users<[email protected]>

Subject: Mark Crumpacker

Hi Everybody:

As you may have heard, Mark Crumpacker is apparently under investigation for one or more misdemeanor offenses, and he has been placed on administrative leave from Chipotle while this matter is being investigated. Mark is a valuable member of our leadership team, but we have very strong teams in marketing and development who will oversee his responsibilities while this situation is sorted out. Our Executive Director of Development, Carolyn Roberts will oversee development activities, and our Director of Brand Marketing, Mark Shambura, will oversee marketing. We made the decision to place Mark on administrative leave, because we believe that it is important for all of us at Chipotle to remain focused on our business without unnecessary distraction, and to allow Mark to focus on these personal matters.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding this unfortunate situation. If media contact you regarding this matter, please do not speak to them, but instead direct them to Chris Arnold.

Thank you very all very much,

Steve & Monty

Monty Moran | Co-Chief Executive Officer

Chipotle Mexican Grill


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