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A SyndicatedNews crew stayed at The Clinton on South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida recently. The hotel has a long history… It was re-opened in 2004. The hotel boasts being the doorstep to the hottest area of South Beach.  As defined, The Clinton Hotel is a boutique hotel in the very middle of South Beach party life!Nightclubs, eateries and all sorts of shopping are right outside the hotel. The Clinton also has a convenient bar / restaurant X|0 located adjacent to its lobby. It is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks and food throughout the evening!The Clinton is literally two short blocks from the famous white sandy beach where hundreds of Miami Vice episodes and countless modeling shoots were filmed. And when they use the word “edgy” to describe the hotel, they mean it as a description of a hotel that’s right in the middle of South Beach’s party strip.
With its new, clean look and total remodeling, The Clinton is now an adorable 4 star hotel and many of their hotel competitors are now 3 star hotels.

The Clinton offers quite a bit on its website.  What I found on arrival is that the hotel is far superior than anything promised on their website or even YELP. We have had several SyndicatedNews.NET reporters at The Clinton just to look at the “new & improved” Clinton and they all agreed – this is a fabulous little hotel. Just fabulous!


Dena Stewart, Bob Barrows, Stewart Stewart posing for an “elbow shot” at the Clinton Hotel in South Beach, Miami. The Stewarts head the SyndicatedNews.NET Miami Bureau and Bob Barrows is the Publication’s Editor. 

SyndicatedNews.NET owners… Dena Stewart, Ret. Lt. Col. Bob Barrows and Stewart Stewart. The Stewarts are also the Miami Bureau Chiefs and host ALIVE ON SOUTH BEACH.


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