clintonCLINTON GREGORY | As a small child playing in the dirt of Henry County, Virginia, Clinton Gregory knew his life was going to differ from all those around him, but he could not have anticipated the great highs and lows his life adventures would bring.

A fifth-generation fiddle player, Clinton was born into a family steeped in traditional country music; he carried the family past-time across state lines, moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 1987, to share his God-given, natural talent and the heart and soul ambition to keep American Music, and his heritage, alive.

Clinton spoke to us this morning but we were unable to bring his words to you until 2:30 or so this morning. The only music on this MP3 are Clinton’s. John McEuen, CEO, SyndicatedNews.NET Ruthie DiTucci, Pres. Mktg.

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