Due to the speed of technology and 24/7 access to TV and online information, we are bombarded with bad news and ugly attitudes. Add to that, on a personal level many of us are dealing with our own conflicts and frustrations. 

Although we aspire to be upbeat, positive and kind, many people are acting out in rude and aggressive ways towards one another. The lack of civility is becoming the acceptable norm.

Center for Folk and Community Art (“CFCA”) wanted to create an awareness of this issue.

CFCA artists brought their “Telling Stories Through Visuals” hands-on writing and art-making program to several high schools where teenagers wrote narratives and created illustrations relating what, in their life, has caused them to be disappointed, frustrated, impatient, victimized, frightened, angry or sad. They described how they handled their feelings and the outcome of their actions or reactions.

CFCA artists then led additional teenagers in discussions about respect for themselves and each other and empowered them to use civil ways to approach conflicts.


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WORDS (The Seed) (c)Gail Sherman Johnson from the album, “Season of the Soul” sung by Gail Warning is available on Amazon.com as well as iTunes and cdbaby.com

Authorized permission to use (c) Gail Sherman Johnson  from the album, “Season of the Soul” sung by Gail Warning  available on iTunes and Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/Season-Soul-Gail-Warning/dp/B001IB5Z9G/ref=cm_sw_em_r_dp_dz_U_uH85AbC390JAS_tt