CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE begins with a flashback to the last day of high school. Morbidly obese, free-spirited, dancing Robbie is pulled from the gym showers by a group of his bully classmates. He is draggrobbie younged buck-naked into the crowded gymnasium where he is jeered and laughed at by everyone except Calvin, the School’s big man on campus, who sympathetically and kindly gives Robbie his School jacket to cover his aching humiliation.

Twenty years later, Calvin (Kevin Hart) is happily marriKevin Harted to his still-beautiful High School sweetheart, but he’s bored with his job as an accountant and questions whether he will go to their upcoming 20th High School reunion.

Then Calvin gets a call from Robbie (Dwayne Johnson), his named changed to Bob Stone. Claiming to be in town for the reunion, they meet up beforehand and Calvin learns that Bob, who now has the body of “The Rock” is a lethal CIA agent. And he needs Calvin’s number-crunching skills to help save the compromised U.S. spy satellite system. With no real choice (that wouldn’t be fun), Calvin is dragged by Bob through a world of shoot-outs, double-crosses, espionage and near death experiences.Dwayne The Rock

And then they go to their High School reunion …

The cringe-worthy (albeit comically portrayed) opening scene was the perfect setup for the very powerful (albeit comically portrayed) surprise ending. The message of this movie was clear – that even with six hours a day of pumping iron for 20 years, and a super-macho heroic job, the only way to overcome feelings of being victimized is by facing the bullies head on …


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Bob Stone

Kevin Hart as Calvin Joyner

Jason Bateman as Trevor

Tim Griffin as Agent Stan Mitchell

Amy Ryan as Agent Pamela Harris

Aaron Paul as Phil

Sione Kelepi as Young Robbie


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