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It is now time for everyone, and that includes all friends and relatives to sigh that long held sigh of relief. Many innocent people whom knew Lucille were strong armed into keeping this secret for her and were unduly burdened as a result.

Accepting that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had three children versus two, cannot possibly be harder than accepting that Olympic Champion Bruce Jenner is now living life as Caitlyn, in a bustier and a pair of heels.

The last part of this article details our own experience with Wikipedia and its difficulties enforcing the company’s preferences (they do not wish their own editors to create or edit Wikipedia pages). The last section of this article explains why…

Attorney Blaine T. Bettinger is the main speaker for this episode. He is both a lawyer and holds a doctorate in genomes and DNA. He is highly qualified to speak on the matter of DNA.

Prior to joining Bond, Schoeneck & King law firm, Dr. Bettinger obtained his PhD in genetics and is the author of The Genetic Genealogist.

We are also joined by the CEO of DNAspectrum, Mr. Paul Yates.

Private Detective Vito Colucci is also extremely qualified and joins this program as the private investigator having worked with Cassandria and her case due to medical necessity.

Ruthie DiTucci of SyndicatedNews.NET invited Dr. Blaine Bettinger to serve on an Internet Radio forum where he could share a clear, precise and uninterrupted explanation of the different types of DNA that exist and how DNA is a double edged sword.

DNA has been helpful in providing provenance as well as in exonerating formerly accused individuals whose DNA proved their innocence in criminal cases. One of the most successful organizations using DNA to free innocent men and women is THE INNOCENCE PROJECT.

In the case of Clint Eastwood for instance, during the last four years of his cohabitation with Locke, Eastwood had an intermittent, hidden affair with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. According to biographers, the two met at a pub in Carmel, and conceived a son, Scott Reeves (born March 21, 1986), at the premiere of Pale Rider.

They also had a daughter, Kathryn Reeves (born February 2, 1988). The birth certificates for both children stated “Father declined.” Although they were mentioned in expose’ articles as early as 1995, Eastwood did not present his and Reeves’ children to the public until 2002. Kathryn served as Miss Golden Globe at the 2005 ceremony where she presented Eastwood with an award for Million Dollar Baby.

The amount of information Eastwood has released to the public year to year can be alarming. It is however “his choice”. Equally, the public has to recognize that a celebrity is under no obligation to provide any information at all.

Sadly, his latest marriage of 17 years to Dina Ruiz has not endured. She is literally 35 years younger than he is. When offered the possibility of a reality show, she accepted immediately while he hated the idea and begged her not to do it. She forged forward with the reality show despite his objections and their friendship then their marriage came to a resounding end.

When we gathered the professionals required that were involved in the DNA testing and preparing the episode, self serving bloggers and fans took on the title of “Lucille Ball Historians”. When checking with appropriate family members and legal representatives there were no legitimate historians of record. That should be a lesson to those of you fans that are so enamored with a celebrity that you elevate yourselves to the point of identifying yourselves as Lucille Ball Historians. Do not confuse being a fan with being a Historian.

Steve Jobs, first child, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, was born in 1978, the daughter of his longtime partner Chris Ann Brennan, a Bay Area painter. For two years, she raised their daughter on welfare while Jobs continued denying paternity. He swore in court that he was sterile and that his body lacked the capacity to procreate a child. He thought that he could will his DNA to behave as he wanted and while he was a brilliant man in the areas of technology, he proved highly stupid in the areas of common sense and human interaction. Jobs acknowledged Lisa as his daughter when she was an adult.

And Steve Job’s lack of ethics and selfishness did not end with the denial of his child. They continued on to when he became ill. Knowing that the organ banks in the United States were established by regions and zip codes, he and his doctor circumvented the organ transplant laws by having him sign up in the part of California where he lived as well as in other regions across the country. It was wrong and it was unethical – but he and his doctor did it anyway.  Was there much complaining? No, because he was a celebrity millionaire.

His doctor and he both knew they were basically getting in front of the line all over the country in order for him to be given a transplant “first” even if others had been languishing on that organ transplant “wait line” for years but Steve Jobs and his doctor really couldn’t care less.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had three (3) children together: Their first child was Madeline / Linda Lou Arnaz (who was adopted by Ruth Smith Griffith Evans). The adoptive couple and Lucille agreed to change the child’s name by having the birth certificates re-published per Lucille’s instructions and mailed to 350 Cherry Avenue, Long Beach, California.

That 350 Cherry Avenue home was always in the name of Desi’s father’s “alleged” 2nd wife (Anna M. Wilson Arnaz). We can refer to her as “his wife” but the only place where her name appears as his wife is on their shared tombstone.

None of the house records show Desi’s name. The house was purchased and remained in her name for 50 years or so. On the tombstone that she shares with her husband (or as we say in Spanish when a couple lives together and even have children but are not married (su pareja), is the only place we found her referred to as Anna M. Arnaz.

In vital records, FindAGrave and, Anna M. Wilson’s name appears as Anna M. Wilson Arnaz…

While Anna was referred to as “his wife,” because they were good Catholics (in Spanish she’d be referred to as “su mujer.” Loosely translated, “su mujer” is the Latin expression people use when referring to a woman that lives with and may even have children with a man but that the couple does not share a legal or religious marriage document between them.

We will not post our newly found marriage certificate between Desiderio Senior and Anna M. Wilson until someone produces a divorce decree between Desiderio and his first wife Dolores De Acha.

The publicity spinners (and their press agents) wouldn’t want the public to think that Desi’s father would ever possibly take up with a woman and have a child with her while he was still legally married to his wife back home in Havana. USA, LLC

As soon as anyone who knows far more than the material we have researched comes forward with the following documentation, we will withdraw our statement but note that we have backed up our opinion with published newspaper articles (you can’t make that up). Of course, once proven wrong, we will reverse our position and write a full apology. Needed to contradict us is the following:

1)  A divorce decree between Desi Arnaz’s father and his Cuban wife (Dolores De Acha) whom was “left behind” in Havana when Desiderio came to the U.S. “alone” by himself and it should be appropriately dated.

2)  A Catholic annulment which was absolutely necessary in order for Desi, a Catholic to remarry someone else. The Pope in place at that time was Pontius XII known for helping the Nazi’s by remaining silent about their atrocities against Jews during World War II.

3)  An actual marriage certificate and or accompanying civil registration record of a marriage between Desi Arnaz Sr. and Anna M. Wilson and the dates had better coincide with the date of his first divorce (otherwise he will have been committing bigamy since no divorce exists before his daughter with Anna M. Wilson was born or after).

Tax records and census records prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Anna M. Wilson referred to as “Mrs. Arnaz” by her neighbors was living with Desi’s father (for all intents and purposes, a married man until someone – anyone – proves otherwise).

After all, we can’t go back into history and undo events. And don’t forget – they produced a female child (Connie), which as a young woman was sent to Cuba to study banking.  Click here to read article about the daughter Desiderio had with his second wife. Her name is Connie Arnaz and she lives in Boca Raton, Dade County, Florida.

We have no control over the State of California Health Department’s Birth Records either nor do we have control over census records collected during the forties.

Limoges Jewelry
If this very image conscious family could have gone back in time to erase everything and anything that violated their picture perfect public image, they would have already done it.

The issue of the first child has been a long quieted truth. Fortunately for some (and unfortunately for others) God has a wonderful sense of humor. Study these photographs carefully.

Of the three children Lucille and Desi had, the first child is the only one that carries the strongest resemblance to both Desi & Lucille’s physical traits.

The second and third child definitely have their father’s traits and coloring but the first child (Linda Lou) carries both parents features more prominently than the other two children and of the three children, was the only natural blonde and remained blonde through adulthood until she herself dyed her hair brown from time to time.

As misfortune would have it, two of Lucille and Desi’s children would struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Both Desi Jr. and Linda Lou (Madeline) struggled with drug and alcohol abuse.

Linda Lou seen above at the beach area of her father’s Las Cruces home accompanied by her child suffered from drug and alcohol abuse on and off for most of her adult life. She passed away on August 7, 2003 in Victorville, California (that death record is also readily available).

Lucille and Desi’s only son (Desi Jr.) and their eldest daughter Linda Lou, would both struggle with drugs and alcohol for many years. Linda Lou never conquered her addictions and was battling them when she died. Desi Jr. went on to deal with his matters successfully, led a beautiful family life with his lovely wife Amy and become a formidable business man.

Now let’s jump back a few years to the time when this teenager, Lucille’s first child Linda Lou, had a child of her own (whom Lucille Ball herself named). And there is no doubt that the young lady (follow the arrows) the couple’s first daughter is one in the same.

In the next photo, she is seen celebrating her own 1 year old daughter’s birthday by bouncing her little girl on her lap.

During one visit to Las Cruces when Linda Lou had taken off to Mexico without Lucille Ball’s permission; dragging little Cassandria along with her – Lucille Ball had plenty to say about it. Linda Lou had dyed her hair very dark to attract less attention but it didn’t work. Lucille had them both brought back to the states.


Again, families do not like to talk about these matters and I realize Cassandria Arnaz will not appreciate it but the fact is that until these details are openly discussed, these matters will continue to be whispered about and continue to be used as weapons to diminish her and her children’s existence.

By clarifying these serious details for once and for all, we make it impossible to ignore that these children exist and we stop publishers from repeatedly republishing the nonsense that Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz had two children. Publishers are trying not to have to republish very profitable old material that doesn’t include these children who are relevant and legitimate.

The “Hollywood publicity lie” has held to these ridiculous stories for decades because that allowed them to sell and resell the old material without having to edit any of the details regarding these famous movie stars and their families.

Rock Hudson and his publicity team didn’t tell the world he preferred men to women. His wife at the time, secretly recorded him confessing he was gay.

The publishing industry had to edit all of Rock Hudson’s material to reflect the reality that he was absolutely and completely gay.

Western society had no problem accepting that Rock Hudson, the biggest Hollywood macho icon “was having sex with men.” Yet in the same breath they had a hard time accepting that a heterosexual couple had 3 children versus 2.

And what of their respective children’s children? Shall we let them all twist in the wind like ghosts that don’t exist?

As a society, are we all going to join together in silence and allow yet another injustice to be repeated by keeping quiet as this cyber bullying continues simply because it’s being encouraged by Hollywood?

It is time we say “NO.”   As a society, we have to do the right thing!


[Below] is the 1940 CENSUS record for the house owned by Anna M. Wilson. She told the census taker that she was a “head of household”.  Her name traces to the house located at 350 Cherry Avenue, the City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Feel free to pay for a subscription to the California Census and get the same information we posted here.  She made a deal with one of her boarders that she would give him her property deeds in exchange for his taking care of her. She had to go to court to regain possession of her home.

[Below] is the 1947 BIRTH CERTIFICATE for Linda Lou (one of the names Lucille Ball requested) for the child. Lucille Ball gave explicit instructions to the hospital administrator to mail or deliver the Birth Certificate to 350 Cherry Avenue, the City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of California.

Linda Lou Evans born June 18 1947
by Syndicated News SNN.BZ

Now why would any of this matter since it happened so long ago?   It matters because Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were real people and as such, had three real children.

The couple made decisions outside the studios whether the studios appreciated it or not.

Those three children went on to have children of their own. For Lucie Arnaz and her brother Desi Arnaz Jr., to deny the existence of their older sister Linda Lou is emotionally damaging to Linda Lou’s daughter Cassandria and Cassandria’s children.

It is a cruel form of cyber bullying historically justified by publishers because publishing is an established business rarely challenged about lies they have perpetrated for decades. Look, Time and TV Guide, in fact all the Hearst Magazines published glowing and inflated articles about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’ two children and those children grew up to continue and carry on the lie they were taught to repeat.

For the public, now to feel entitled to make insulting statements saying that these children are not at all related to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and to say that they are simply trying to get attention is abusive in a most tasteless form.


So cruel has this harmful behavior become that when one of the children challenged Lucie Arnaz with a video about his illnesses saying he required more medical information, she responded to him in writing.

Imagine that – Lucie Arnaz, a grown woman and entertainment professional wrote a scathing letter to (a minor) threatening to forward his email and video to the authorities but she NEVER said a word to his mother because she knew she didn’t have a leg to stand on and realized that the farce she’d kept up for decades is unraveling.

Unfortunately, Desi Jr.’s daughter Julia and Linda Lou’s daughter Cassandria are both so respectful of Lucie and Desi that they comply with whatever Julia’s father Desi Jr., requests and naturally they are both quiet and polite and don’t want to rock the boat.

What they don’t realize is that both of them need attorneys skilled in forensic accounting. I don’t need to detail this aspect of this case because EVERYONE knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Once Lucille Ball died, a huge clean up effort was made to rid the house of absolutely every single photograph, memento and possible evidence that proved Cassandria’s mother’s existence.

We found it interesting to say the least that the hospital would mail a birth certificate to 350 Cherry Avenue, Long Beach, CA since the adoptive Evans couple never lived there.

The quaint and lovely home at that address is where Desi Arnaz’s father, Desiderio Senior and his “mujer,” Anna M. Wilson lived. They had a daughter named Connie Arnaz.

Whether Desi married his second wife Anna M. Wilson or not doesn’t really matter since we have not found any documentation proving he was divorced from his first wife who was left behind in Havana.

I’ve searched far and wide and cannot find a divorce document between Desi Arnaz’ father, Desiderio and his first wife Dolores de Acha (Desi Arnaz’ mother).


Which brings us back to the 350 Cherry Avenue, Long Beach address. You have to wonder why a veritable stranger would send such a vital, serious document to an unknown address. Especially if that address had nothing to do with Lucille Ball. Correct? No, it is not correct. The address had everything to do with Lucille Ball.

In some records Anna M. Wilson’s name was spelled as Anna M. Wilson (Anna with an “a”) and in others, her records were written as Anne with an “e.” Surprisingly, the two women’s lives both reverted to that address and they share the same birth date. Another coincidence perhaps?  We don’t think so.

The birth certificate was mailed to the 350 Cherry Avenue address by the hospital because they were given very explicit instructions by the birth mother.

HIPPA laws did not exist in those days and while the staff was instructed to ‘make believe’ they did not recognize her – they most certainly did recognize her and they mentioned the event to their own children when they went home.

Now what is Lucille and her brother Desi going to do about them? It’s impossible to pay so many people off especially when they are not beholding to anyone in any way. Another practical and legitimate reason to drop the farce.

It’s time this brother and sister duo come clean and drop this farce because as promised, every week I will add documentation to this pictorial family tree.

When a person (such as a journalist, correspondent, field writer, copy writer, blogger, hobbyist, anyone) writes and publishes material that is a lie and injures a person’s public image, that is an actionable offense.

But when actual Dept. of Health Live Birth Records support what a writer has published, the case changes completely since none of these records are private.

In order to keep them all quiet, the older members of this family hang a carrot in front of their younger relatives noses. By handing them documents while whispering “this is a sealed record,” the younger relatives think they’re keeping something secret. Linda Lou’s birth certificate WAS NEVER SEALED and IS NOT SEALED NOW. And it’s way too late to seal these records now.

Every record given to me by anyone in this family whom they swore was “sealed” turned out to be completely open and available. They were just told that so that they would think they were holding a prized “secret” document.

HIPPA laws are a fairly modern set of health laws but they did not exist in the forties, fifties and sixties. People (no matter how important they are) can no longer seal public records as though they were dealing with the CIA or terrorism.

Public records are public records. What is the best way to scare someone into silence? By telling them that “the FBI and Secret Service” is going to deal with the matter.

That is the line some members of this family used to threaten their younger relatives into silence and since the younger ones didn’t know any better – they believed it.

One thing Lucille Ball was, and everyone who knew her will attest to this, was a ball breaker. Several people forced her to “snap out of her” entitled belief that she could pull off anything she wanted. She often threatened people with sending the CIA and Secret Service to help her continue protecting her publicity lies.

The woman whom gave the hospital staff mailing instructions for the birth certificate showing Ruth Smith Griffith Evans name on it as the mother, was a bottle red head with an inch or so of brown roots. Why brown roots?

Lucille Ball dyed her hair bright red. She was a brunette but the chemicals in hair dye during the forties were so strong that everyone knew that you should not use hair dye during pregnancy. Lucille dyed her hair up until the last 2 months before having the baby and stubborn as she was, she wanted to continue dying her hair up to the end of her pregnancy but it took numerous arguments to convince her not to.

It was Lucille Ball herself whom asked the hospital to mail the birth certificate to Anna M. Wilson’s house located at 350 Cherry Avenue address.

Tax records and the 40’s census reveal that the house had always been owned by Anne M. Wilson aka Mrs. Anna M. Arnaz (Desi’s father’s second wife).

In fact, after living in Florida for so many years, Anna’s boarder got used to having the house to himself. He “took possession” of Anna’s home and would not return it to her.

The deal Anna agreed to with her boarder was that as she aged, that he would take care of her in exchange for her real estate deeds to two properties which was that house located at 350 Cherry Avenue in Long Beach, California and a 320 acre farm in Kansas. Anna continued to age, but Anna did not die!

Her boarder changed the locks after 20 or so years living rent free in the house and he showed everyone that he had the deeds to the properties already in his name – which he truly did have.

What he didn’t tell people was that he had not lived up to his end of the bargain. He had not paid rent and he had refused to take care of Anna.

At the ripe old age of 85, Anna had to go to court to ask a Judge to write an order to have Fritz P. Canton (her boarder) removed from her home so that she could return to it.

The Long Beach newspaper chronicled the event. We found members of all families but they do not want to speak on the matter (and they don’t have to). Why would anyone want to admit to being related to a drunk that slapped elderly women?

The paper however published the following story (whether they like it or not). If these matters were published openly in newspapers back then, it is impossible and ridiculous to attempt to make them secret now.

One can only wonder, how could such a distinguished proper family allow this travesty to go on for so long with one of the family’s patriarch’s wives?

Probably because Desi Arnaz’s father (Desiderio Arnaz Senior) fled to the United States supposedly to prepare to receive his wife Dolores de Acha and their young son Desi.

Dolores did not expect or approve of her husband taking up with Anna M. Wilson and having a child out of wedlock.

And in a day when documentation was such a serious matter, you have to wonder how it was that Anna held the 350 Cherry Avenue, Long Beach property in her last name of Wilson, not Arnaz, for the rest of her life. The answer is likely because they were never married and it will be interesting if they actually married since I did not find a divorce document between Desiderio and his first wife.

There is no better way for an immigrant to establish his or her ownership and justification for citizenship in a country than the purchase of land in that country. There is no way this normal, healthy Cuban “macho” male would have allowed his real estate to be listed in his “woman’s” name versus his own. It would have been a cultural impossibility.

Why did the Arnaz family not lift a finger to help Anna during her roommate troubles? Because whether Desiderio Arnaz’ lived with Anna M. Wilson and had a daughter Connie or not, she was still considered a homewrecker by Desi’s maternal relatives.

We posted a copy from the actual article available in the newspaper archives (it is public and available to anyone who wishes to see it). The family however, insisted that the Anna M. Wilson whom lost her house to a boarder is someone else all together (we have confirmed that this is not true).  Our records are correct. It just embarrasses them to see the details of an unflattering article in print.

And if you’re wondering what ever happened to Anna’s boarder, that too is a very interesting story.

Once Judge DeVries ruled in Anna M. Wilson’s favor and ordered her home returned to her and ordered her boarder, Fritz P. Caston to leave the premises immediately; he also asked the police to change the locks to her home (a nice consideration since she was 85 going on 86).

Caston moved on and rented a room at Mrs. Morney’s home located at 1608 Orange Avenue, Long Beach.

During a drinking binge, he got into an argument with Mrs. Morney, his new landlady and slapped her across the face – then went into hiding. The police were called and when examining Caston’s room, they found the two deeds Caston had told Judge DeVries he had lost and didn’t know where they were.

He had the deeds all the time.  They were both promptly returned to Judge DeVries whom immediately had them delivered to Anna M. Wilson.

Members of the family feel that the person photographed in the article appeared to be “someone else” and that the article was a “fluff” piece. I am sorry to advise them that they are mistaken.

The First Baby…

When Lucille’s daughter Linda Lou (whom had been raised mostly by Ruth Smith Griffith Evans) went into labor, she called her biological mom – Lucille Ball.

The actress came at once and was present at her granddaughter’s birth and insisted on having influence over her first granddaughter’s name. Naming the baby created yet another argument. Lucille and Linda Lou (Madeline) finally agreed on the name Cassandria Lucianna, keeping with the LU naming convention in the family. That was Lucille’s way of carrying on her own name and legacy.

Celebrities, artists and business icons sometimes did not acknowledge children for years (if at all). Some did not admit to fathering their children until they were forced to by the county public assistance support subpoena forcing paternity tests. Counties have to be reimbursed for child support they have already provided.

In the Lucille Ball case, she assumed full financial responsibility for her daughter and granddaughter. By assuming all bills and costs herself, Lucille was able to keep her private life confidential and avoid scrutiny since to the untrained snoop, matters appeared above board and ethical, not needing further scrutiny.

Hollywood studios were not about to allow Lucille Ball or any other actress make decisions they did not feel were in the best interest of the studio. Managing an infant during a post war era and starting a new show was frowned upon. 

At times the nurse was paid to keep the child a minimum of 50 miles from Lucille. That first daughter subsequently had a child of her own (Cassandria Lucianna Arnaz.) She remembers a brash red headed woman that would often pick her up from ballet to take her to lunch and once even a visit where Lucille was accompanied by her new husband, Mr. Morton.

Lucie Arnaz, the second daughter has been married twice but only the second marriage produced children. She and her husband Laurence Luckinbill have had three children together: Simon, Joseph, and Katharine.

Not surprisingly, all of Cassandria’s children have the stronger resemblance to their great grand father Desi. Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill and Cassandria’s children look like siblings – not cousins.

But it is Cassandria’s children whom all resemble Desi Arnaz so strongly as to be eerie. Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill’s children have many of the Arnaz traits but far less so.

Desi Jr. had been linked to Victoria Principal, Patty Duke, and Liza Minneli. Patti Duke gave birth to a son named Sean Astin and though many assumed that it was Desi’s, a DNA test revealed that he was not the father. Desi later married and divorced the actress named Linda Purl.

In 1987, Desi Jr. married Amy Bargiel, and adopted her daughter Haley. This would make Haley an adopted grandchild of Lucille and Desi. Desi and Lucille’s FIRST grandchild/granddaughter of record is Julia Desiree Arnaz. She has a daughter by the name of Desiree.

Marriages (same sex or otherwise), out of wedlock pregnancies and drug problems were routinely hidden from the public. Actors did not write the scripts for their public lives – Hollywood media moguls, managers and publicists spun publicity yarns depending on what movie or television show was being promoted.

I remember as a kid recognizing clearly that the flamboyant pianist, Liberace was gay yet there wasn’t a word printed about it. The world was to presume he was straight.

Many well known entertainers took years to acknowledge their children (that’s if they acknowledged them at all). I’ll try to list a few here… Let’s start with…

Confucius, The early life of K’ung-Fu-tzu, better known in the West Confucius. Born in the feudal kingdom of Lu, Confucius served as an adviser on political matters and court etiquette to several Chinese leaders during the mid- to late 500s BCE. It is said that his parents “came roughly together,” indicating either a rape, concubinage, or some other sort of extramarital shenanigan.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), The world is aware of Leonardo da Vinci, the well-rounded man who could be a painter, a naturalist, an engineer, a metallurgist, or a philosopher with equal ease. In fact, the two simply took a tumble in the hay together before going their separate ways and providing Leonardo, from their marriages to other people, with 17 half brothers and sisters. Needless to say, these assorted half brothers and sisters were none too fond of their renowned relation, whose birth was something of an embarrassment, and on his father’s death in 1503 they conspired to deprive him of his share of the estate. Leonardo had the last laugh, however, when the death of an uncle led to a similar inheritance squabble, leaving him with sole custody of the uncle’s land and property.

Thomas Paine (1737-1809) and Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804) Two of the best-known fathers of the American republic, Thomas Paine and Alexander Hamilton, were the results of extramarital affairs. Paine, whose Common Sense helped bring widespread support to the American Revolution, and whose other writings, like the anti-Bible tract The Age of Reason, scandalized all and sundry, had to flee England a step ahead of treason charges. In the end, however, he died penniless in the United States. Hamilton, on the other hand, was the illegitimate son of West Indian colonials, and made a name for himself as a brilliant orator and writer. He had a duel with Aaron Burr and lost.

Lawrence of Arabia (1888-1935) The illegitimate son of a knight and his children’s nanny, T. E. Lawrence became the model for generations of British diplomats blindly idolizing all things Arabian. One of the organizers of the much-touted (but in reality fought more on paper than on the battlefield) Arab revolt against the Turks during World War I, Lawrence later became embittered with Britain’s imperial policy and spent the last few years of his life sulking and tinkering with motorcycles (he died in a motorcycle accident).

Eva Peron (1919-1952) “Saint Evita” was the result of an adulterous relationship between two villagers in an impoverished part of Argentina. She made a name for herself as an actress before marrying Juan Peron in 1944, but, being illegitimate (and a peasant), she was never really accepted in the social circles in which he routinely traveled.

As a rising military officer, Peron quickly found himself dictator of Argentina, and “Evita” was by his side. But don’t fall for the movie hype – don’t feel sorry for her. She was corrupt, she killed anyone that competed with her in any capacity and she loved Nazis. Her most successful business venture was fencing stolen goods Nazis had stolen from Jewish prisoners. Millions of dollars worth of stolen goods were laundered by Eva Peron in Buenos Aires.

A happily married 32 year old Clark Gable got Loretta Young, his very young 22 year old single co-star pregnant; then he sent her off to Europe to finish the pregnancy and came back on the Hollywood scene as though nothing had happened. The two met on the set of “The Call of the Wild” (1935), based on the Jack London novel. Young, the unmarried, devout Catholic known for playing wholesome roles, discovered she was pregnant right before starring in The Crusades, a religiously themed Cecil B. DeMille creation.

Loretta Young went abroad to avoid gossip and returned to Los Angeles to give birth in secrecy. She turned the baby over to nuns then tried to retrieve her daughter before the child turned 2. Loretta faked the adoption and raised the child under a cloud of lies.

After the entire world already knew all about Clark Gable and Loretta Young, Loretta herself would not admit it that memorable day when her daughter confronted her demanding an explanation. Loretta confessed and was so devastated that she literally never left her home again.

Estelle Merle O’Brien Thompson (1911-1979) Oberon was born in Bombay (now Mumbai), British India. Until fairly recently, her parentage has remained deliberately obscure. (Her early press releases claimed she was Tasmanian.) Merle’s mother was Anglo-Sri Lankan Constance Selby; her father is unknown. Constance’s mother Charlotte Selby took the child immediately and raised Merle as her own, never revealing her true parentage to anyone.  Charlotte’s partner Arthur Thompson, a British army officer stationed in India, became Merle’s putative father, and Charlotte her mother. Merle knew Constance only as her “sister.” When Merle’s mother moved in with her, she posed as her maid until the day she died. Expressing being mixed race back then was also forbidden.

Jerry Lewis gave his entire career to “Jerry’s Kids” but did not mention that he had fathered a child out of wedlock or that he knew she was handicapped. He stubbornly refused to admit paternity.

Again, nature does have a sense of humor. Of all Jerry Lewis’ many children, it is Suzan that carries his most prominent features. She is the spitting image of Jerry Lewis. Once the DNA test was established between Gary (Jerry’s son) and Susan, instead of quietly receiving his daughter, he stopped speaking to his son and chose to leave the Jerry Lewis charity (since it was now too hypocritical for him to stay in a leadership role in that organization considering his personal circumstances). To this day he has nothing to do with his daughter.

This recent photographh of Suzan Lewis [Left] and Cassandria Arnaz[Right] was taken in New York City when Suzan went to meet producers in New York. Cassandria Arnaz accompanied her, not only because they are close friends but also because Cassandria represents Suzan Lewis through AnotherDesiLu LLC. 


BREAKING NEWS:  Jerry Minoret, named after Jerry Lewis was married a few years ago. Here’s Jerry Minoret and his lovely new bride Alyona Vikhareva. Click the beautiful couple’s image below to see wedding pictures and one of the world’s most exotic landscapes in Thailand.

For his daughter Suzan to have gone to all that trouble did not matter one bit since the stubborn Jerry Lewis after having spent a beautiful day with her, refused to speak to her the very next day.

In 2014, Jerry Lewis stated publicly that he was presenting his only daughter (his current wife’s daughter whom he adopted). She is not however his only daughter. His biological daughter whom he refuses to recognize, is his first and only biological daughter, Suzan Lewis.

I immediately wrote to the AP reporter (Sandy Cohen) author of the story and followed up with a call to her office. The AP office would not respond until I caught up with Sandy Cohen whom told me she would call me back – and never did. In essence, when I got someone else at AP on the phone, to complain about the egregious error, they told me, they were “going with the lie” because that’s what Jerry Lewis wanted and they wanted to stay “on his good side.” Here’s a direct link to the story:–Women-funny-not-crude.html

In more recent times, Arnold Schwarzenegger had been quietly carrying on with his housekeeper on and off since they each arrived to the United States as teenagers. He stayed friends with her always. He invited Mildred to come work for him and his wife Maria – a job she would have for 20 years. Arnold had his mistress Mildred and his wife pregnant at the same time.

But long before that, when he was just dating Maria Shriver, he had two other lovers that he didn’t stop sleeping with until one of them gave him an ultimatum and he knee-jerk reacted by marrying Maria Shriver.

What most don’t realize is that Arnold and the housekeeper Patty Baena knew each other since their independent arrivals to the US as teenagers. Arnold knew Mildred for many years before he brought her to the house he shared with his wife to work as their housekeeper. So basically, Patty was in Arnold’s life long before he ever even met Maria. When Arnold was a nobody bodybuilder, he told Johnny Carson that he was going to marry a Kennedy.

Another modern day child denial is the first child Kelly Preston had with Kevin Gage. The child is severely handicapped and is being raised in Hawaii by Kelly’s parents. Long time practitioners of Scientology, John Travolta and Kelly do not want drugs administered to Kelly’s first son and wanted her parents to stop administering the child’s life-saving medicine. The judge was not amused and found in favor of Kelly’s parents. The judge gave her parents full custody of the child and ordered Travolta and Preston to provide a living stipend to cover the costs of raising the severely handicapped child.

For a while, IMDB had a mention of the boy on Gage’s page as his son with Kelly. Suddenly, even the mention disappeared as though Kelly’s first son never existed.

We will not list the sports figures children (NFL and NBA for starters) who remain unrecognized by their fathers because there isn’t enough room on our server to carry a document that long. We have however at the beginning of this post, shared the link to the show where the professionals explained DNA, how it was used in this and all cases and how it works.

One day arrives when we must all do the right thing…

In life there comes that memorable day when each of us has to decide whether or not we have the courage to do the right thing and must act on it. It may not be the socially acceptable thing, nor will it make us popular, or politically correct. But it is the right thing to do and we must in good conscience do the right thing.

The only one of these cases mentioned above, that should bother us all, meaning members of the public, the press, Lucille Ball fans and fanatics, the thousands of people that have written about Lucille Ball through the decades, her close friends and her relatives is the case of Lucille Ball and her granddaughter (whom she named), Cassandria Arnaz. 

Know with certainty that Cassandria Arnaz Carlson has absolutely no influence over SNN.BZ  nor can she influence any of the work we publish. To her dismay and repeated embarrassment (we are sorry to cause her such a headache), she has learned first hand that we prefer to publish articles that have irrefutable supporting documentation.

It’s the reason we include actual indictments in articles where circumstances may be interpreted from various or differing viewpoints.

But in the last year, after long discussions with very serious, credible people in a number of professions such as investigators, lawyers, memorabilia historians and many of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’ relatives (several whom Cassandria does not even know), we have collectively come to the same conclusion.

Cassandria Arnaz is not a dreamer and she certainly is not a liar. She has however been put in the most awkward of circumstances purely by fate and through no fault of her own.

She was born into to a family that had denied her mother, Linda Lou born June 18, 1947 as though the child had never existed. Add to that, the ‘rote repeating’ of the story line invented by Hollywood studios used to replace actual matters of fact. When you repeat the same lie over and over again, eventually people begin to think it is true.

Not realizing the enormity of what she was asking, Cassandria was surprised, disappointed and taken aback when she was met with verbal violence, insulting objections, rude remarks and cyberbullying.

And had she been a stronger individual in her own right, we might have let the entire matter go. We decided against that because there are innocent children involved. Out of respect for Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz, Cassandria has been extraordinarily considerate.

She tends not to speak of anything she thinks may “hurt their feelings” or embarrass them in any way. We have no such consideration.

She has been politely waiting for the most prominent of her relatives in the entertainment industry to come forward on her behalf. Unfortunately, they grew up fostering a very sad lie, denying that their older sibling (Cassandria’s mother Linda Lou) ever existed.

On occasion I would also ask her specific questions based on her memories and she innocently confirmed events that she didn’t even realize we had confirmed elsewhere.

As in the case of many Hollywood “spins” the lies were so well crafted that they took on a life of their own and “became” gospel. Thousands of writers, authors and Lucille Ball historians as they refer to themselves have written volumes of work based almost entirely on the “Hollywood studio version” of events. Lucille Ball preferred that version and taught it to the two of her children she presented publicly, namely Lucie Arnaz and her brother Desi Arnaz Jr., Everyone else towed the line.

Strong-arming friends and relatives into keeping “with the family lie,” was a very commonplace practice that goes on even today. The Lucy & Desi story features the great achievement of a red-headed American actress and a raven-haired sexy Cuban.

The tale includes success over discrimination, financial mastery and even the beginnings of different types of camera work for which Desi Arnaz is credited. And the story line is truly what movie legends are made of and so highly entertaining – but to what end?

To ensure that we were not influenced by Cassandria Arnaz Carlson, we did not include her in our query discussions other than to ask her to provide an occasional document or another, which she was not always able to do. And to eliminate the possible conflict of interest, we maintained our friendship with Cassandria Arnaz but we stopped working on projects so that I could be free to research this article.

Without exception, what Cassandria might have thought was just ‘a passing comment,’ has been proven to our satisfaction with supporting irrefutable documentation.

Those factual realities have been further explained to us thoughtfully through explanations from close friends whom Lucille Ball strong-armed into secrecy. Members of both families have agonized over repeating these “pre-written lies” for decades. Several of them wish to live their twilight years with a clearer conscience and they came to us. We did not seek them out. 

Lucille Ball did indeed have three children and the first of these was her first child. A girl whom she arranged to be raised by Ruth Smith Griffith Evans. The child was often referred to as Maddie (short for Madelyn), or Madaline Jane, Madeline Dee, Linda, Linda Lou sometimes Maddie Dee and a host of other names.

What we all have to keep in mind was that in those days, many celebrities hid their true lives from the public. Unfortunately now, decades later several Lucille Ball fanatics resent and resist the previously unknown descendants that are surfacing. And the public feels it is up to them to make sharp tongued comments that only serve to take digs at innocent minors. This is a practice we should all absolutely stop because we are affecting children in families in similar situations everywhere.

The public’s memory is rather short so I am going to bring a bit of history here to aide readers into recognizing facts versus farce.

In their long-lived habit of denying children when it was convenient, Desi Arnaz IV (known to have dated Patty Duke and married Linda Purl from 1980 – 1981) he had fathered a child out of wedlock. The woman’s name is Julia but her father Desi had always denied her until his hand was ‘forced.’

Wikipedia now states that Desi Arnaz has a daughter, Julia Arnaz “from an undisclosed relationship.” Even that particular line is flippant if not insulting. 

Many are unaware that behind the scenes, it was Cassandria, daughter of Linda Lou (Lucille Ball’s first child, the denied sibling) that smoothed the way, made the calls and made many arrangements for Julia to be recognized by her father Desi Arnaz (Cassandria’s uncle).

Once Julia established herself, she reneged helping Cassandria by refusing to cooperate as she had previously promised. It is for this reason that we completely bypassed that branch of relatives altogether.

And know with certainty that I am not betraying any confidence afforded to Julia as I am neither her attorney nor her rabbi.

She never asked to speak confidentially nor did I promise her to keep our conversation confidential. She had no expectation of privacy calling a newsroom tip line to discuss her private matters. We did not initiate the call – she initiated the call and our phone records confirm that. No reason to fret Julia, since you can redeem yourself by doing the right thing by your cousin.

And we are happy to report that the day has come when Julia, Ricky Arnaz’s daughter and first cousin to Cassie Arnaz are not only on speaking terms but they are clearly family. There is no question that these two are blood related. The obstacles that got in the way of their being family no longer exist. The two speak freely and regularly and there is no doubt the two are family. No doubt whatsoever. 

Luckily for the courts they now accept .pdf forms so should they need an affidavit to the effect that Julia once called SyndicatedNews and detailed that she was indeed a cousin to Cassandria but that she did not want to reciprocate her help, we will gladly provide that for any court.

We credit Julia’s decision at that time to immaturity. We expect she will do the right thing now that she has had more life experience.  She has had time now and recognizes her cousin Cassandria Arnaz.

And to explain that these awkward situations where entertainers refuse to recognize their children do exist and go on for years, I remind you of Jerry Lewis and his only biological daughter Suzan Lewis. His pride was such that he would rather allow his only biological daughter to continue living under dangerous circumstances rather than bring her home.

As for the Arnaz family, it is lovely and romantic to remember the lovely Desi and Lucy couple in the most ethereal, dreamlike manner possible. We cannot as a society however, love the story so much that we are willing to actively insult anyone who states anything to the contrary even when the truth is backed by irrefutable documentation.

If you truly love the legend of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, you should make it a point to treat their grandchildren respectfully as well whether in person or online.

These are not all adults that can take negative remarks on the chin. Many are minors. Many whom insulted Cassandria and her children online, truly owe this family an apology. 

These truly are descendants of the entertainment duo. If you care for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’ memory at all, treat their heirs well when you come across them online or say nothing at all because the two children the couple presented publicly where actually the latter two. Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz had three children. They were Linda Lou (whom passed away), Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill and Desi Arnaz Jr.

All three, had children of their own and the public must learn to respect them all.

Remember that the entire world only knew the version of Bill Cosby as Dr. Huxtable because that was the publicity spun by the Hollywood public relations machine. The public had a very difficult time accepting the reality of the true nature of Cosby’s behavior which was known to thousands and now, 40 years later, has become obvious worldwide.

And as usual, I add to this blog every other week. This week I leave you all with this…

Do you know who looks more like Desi Arnaz than his own son Desi Arnaz, Jr.?

The young man that looks more like Desi Arnaz than even his own son Desi Arnaz, Jr., is Desi’s great grandson, Christopher. He is Cassandria’s first child. The resemblance makes your hair stand on end.

And while he never spent time with his grandfather, he has all the unconscious gestures that one can’t create because they are genetic and natural.

As promised, we have added to this story…

Finally, after many years of requests and submitting documentation, we have finally corroborated the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, story identifying their three children. Wikipedia has invited us to post said story and we will be doing so this week…

Why weren’t we thrilled and excited about adding to Wikipedia pages? 

We were invited weren’t we?  And extremely happy about it… until we read the fine print.  Thousands of companies accept payment for the service of both building Wikipedia pages and editing them.

Last year, and several times before then, Wikipedia tried forcing their writers / contributors not to edit “for money,” but the company’s edict has been impossible to enforce.

Editors continue accepting payment for editing or building pages.  We at SyndicatedNews will likely have to do what everyone else does when they need an item posted – we’re going to pay for it.

Wikipedia did not want me to edit or post anything on Wikipedia about anyone that is in any way connected with SyndicatedNews.NET.  They felt, and I agreed, that it would be self serving and that it violates their CONFLICT OF INTEREST policy.  They asked me not to use our moniker (which we have been using for 32 years = SYNDICATEDNEWS).

Wikipedia wanted me to change it – so we agreed and I changed it. Then they didn’t want me to proceed to write about John McEuen, our CEO and a multi-grammy winning musician or any of the other successful partners in this company.  Well that made no sense to me because publicists that I have known for 20 or 30 years have been editing and creating pages on Wikipedia – and using very flattering information that is not true but makes the entertainer “look great.”

At that point, Wikipedia had accepted that our documentation in the Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz case was legitimate but they felt (and I understood them perfectly) that in order for me to post that material, Cassandria could not be affiliated with me in any way. I asked them outright… “Do you want me to stop being friends with anyone I know in entertainment, the legal and medical professions and anyone with a history that might wind up in Wikipedia?  And the answer was “yes.”

Well that presents a problem because we have never been formally attached to Cassandria but we do rely on her brains every now and again because she knows a lot about the way social media works. I personally refused to be told by Wikipedia, who I can associate with and whom I can’t.

I even asked the kind Wikipedia person I was writing to, if I needed to stop being friends with all the people I knew or worked with in order to satisfy them. And the answer was a resounding yes.  They explained that I could associate with whomever I wished but that I couldn’t write about them.

What that means is, that while Wikipedia’s corporate brand and powers-that-be do not agree with the idea of their own people editing and creating Wikipedia pages – they literally can’t enforce anything against them if they choose to do it anyway (which has created an entire sub (or secondary) publishing industry).

And in order to write about anyone’s children and how online cyberbullying has affected a child, I would have to give in to Wikipedia’s demands. That is the reason I could not back down and give in to Wikipedia about who we write about.

Apparently, whomever has the most money and is willing to pay the most, will be the individual that gets his or her version onto Wikipedia. Once our attorneys brought up the FCC’s clear statement that the Internet cannot be used to hurt children specifically – I had no choice but to stand firmly on my original decision.

Unfortunately for Wikipedia, but fortunately for us, we chose all our owners and contributors based on their history and life experiences we found complemented the group. We do not however determine who can write for us and who cannot based on what Wikipedia thinks or states publicly.  That’s the beauty of private ownership, other than the law, you don’t have to do what others desire because it suits or pleases them. We are independent and we basically do what we want.

A very clear report on Wikipedia and Wikipedia’s “pay to play” problem can be found here:

We not only spoke to editors that currently work for Wikipedia and accept payments, but we also copied their work pages and posted them in the article.  And Wikipedia does not want their editors “outed” because it is proof that they never resolved their internal problem.

The public has to accept and comprehend that simply being able to publish something that totally ruins someone is not always the best route to take. Every day, we have to choose to drop absolutely legitimate stories because of a legal consideration or just plain compassion. Sometimes, we don’t write a piece because the result will have no value other than to drive someone to make desperate decisions.

Being able to publish articles about current events that happen in life does not mean we publish everything that crosses our desks.

Wikipedia is a large outfit and they can take it on the chin if we outed the many people we found are legitimate Wikipedia editors whom also earn a significant amount of money “on the side,” by violating Wikipedia’s own policy. Unfortunately, the actual writers are regular folk and they would not recover as easily so we have chosen not to follow that story since it doesn’t matter enough to us.

It does not change the reality that if you want a page posted on Wikipedia or if you want to edit information you feel is not very flattering to your “client,” there are thousands of people willing to take your money.

Click the Wikipedia logo to see thousands of editors and writers that will add or edit your Wikipedia page! 




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  • Lois De Beaucamp

    I feel so sorry for Cassandria….. My own mother and father denied me right up until their deaths. I think it has effected my 3 children as much as it has effected myself. I can only hope that this stops happening to Cassandria’s and all the others in this same position, including my family.2017

  • remnant1988

    Why in the name of all thats holy did she deny her own daughter and grandaughter ..
    The rich are sometimes shameful people.

    • It happens every single day. This is not an isolated incident. It’s gone on in history and survived the ages. Families and dynasties deny children for any reason from political reasons to religious reasons. Sometimes a family separates a child because the child doesn’t look like either of the families and in families unfamiliar with genetics have a red headed child and they give it away.

      In one memorable case, a white land baron had raped his black house servant. It was normal in the 1800’s (not right but socially accepted). The rape occurred three generations in the past. As generations passed, one child was born into the black family with white skin, European facial features and blue eyes. He was the spitting image of the great, great grand father that had raped the grandmother centuries previous.

      The family immediately gave the boy up for adoption because the entire town assumed the mom had been sexually involved with a white man for this strange occurrence. Without reason or logic, they threw garbage at her as she passed on the sidewalk to get groceries. They would set dangerous dogs free to attack her when she was on her way to church. Sometimes the decision to separate a child was made because it was the only alternative to keeping the child alive due to ignorance and the damage ignorant people did to children and it was an alternative to aborting. Separating a child from a family is not new.

  • lisaowsley

    I agree with the writer. I think your article was great. I think it is about time Cassandria was given the recognition that she deserves. I think it is awful that her family has denied her all this time. Thank you for the article once again, it is awesome to see good journalism at work and for someone willing to go the extra mile to do for this woman what a single DNA could have done, you are correct, her son does look just like his grand-father. I know what it’s like to not know where you come from and to also know there is someone out there you know is family, but that they may never know it’s you. Cu-does.

    • Dear Lisa, if a family is not willing to recognize a person, the DNA won’t matter. One of the things I learned during the gathering of information for this story and the many that came to us because of it was that DNA can be gathered up to 7 generations above the person and 7 generations below and it can also be gathered cousin to cousin up to 5 or 6 in either direction. We were able to speak with cooperative cousins that were willing to help us by submitting their own DNA. Even for that process we had to make arrangements for hotel rooms and restaurant meetings because one sibling didn’t want the other sibling to know they were cooperating. Months later, during a press event, one of the people in the family that we tested, when asked if she knew me said, “No, I’ve never met her before, how do you do?” See what I mean? And I went along with it because there were others present who have selfish reasons for not embracing her. I had a similar situation witih Jerry Lewis not recognizing his daughter and they did a DNA as well.

  • Thank you so much for such a sensitive viewpoint. Facebook, Forums, Email and even the Internet in general is PROHIBITED now from being used to emotionally injure minors. Just this week, Dr. Phil featured a case about a grown woman using Facebook to torment a 12 year old neighbor who was so emotionally upset and embarrassed that she hung herself. Yet publishers have been ruining people by publishing and re-publishing lies that were created ages ago to protect people that have long been dead and buried. Publishers soon will not be able to repeat bogus lies made up by movie studio heads and publicists to protect their artists as the same laws applied to the web will be applied to publishers and people whom write movie “biopics.” Once the true facts come out – the b.s. had better disappear or movie treatment discussions will be held in courtrooms not film studios or publisher’s offices.

  • Great documentation of all these salacious, previously hidden stories about celebrities we THOUGHT we knew everything about. With easy internet access to pretty much everything, no longer are there secrets. Nothing is left to the imagination. As a result, as a society we are becoming more and more desensitized to what does and does not matter. On the upside, we learn about the damage done to the victims of scandalous secrets and in turn are able to validate the pain they experienced when trying to find answers.

    • We’re going to break your heart again bjrbasura. We’re doing a story on wikipedia. Bring tissues babe!