Yoani Sanchez (according to a live interview with her brother in law) may be many things but humble she is not. This is after we referred to her as "humble" in a positive way. He corrected us immediately. And that was only the beginning... Then came wikileaks which made it clear she was working for Cuba and for the USAID.


The Chili's Bar & Grill restaurant chain has apologized and vowed to correct a wrongdoing by one its managers, who took away a meal from a U.S. Army veteran from the Dallas area. Walker has retained an...


While on the island of Vieques (Puerto Rico) I found the biggest echo I have ever heard - in one of the old ordnance bunkers there, where the Navy used the island for target practice and bomb testing in days...

Northrop Grumman, Embraer and Bankcoin

The Northrop Grumman corporation has scored the largest and the most important U.S. weapons contract in more than ten years. The deal is estimated at $84+ billion and that's coming right to the heart of Brevard County, FL. Brazilian based Embraer has also established its investment in Brevard County. Those two investments invite new technology to the area. Bankcoin crypto currency technology has been in the region for quite some time.