Trump Inauguration Terrorist Plot Uncovered

With the Trump Inauguration security being a serious issue for law enforcement from possible threats from abroad, Project Veritas has uncovered a more serious threat right here in our own backyard. In this video, the Project Veritas investigators show a group known as the DC Anti-fascist Coalition plotting to perform terrorist attacks during the President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration using different methods including butyric acid among other things at the National Press Club scheduled for January 19th.

John Stumpf, CEO stepping down…

Carrie Toldstedt, head of the Wells Fargo Bank's Sales Division that created "Gr'EIGHT" received a golden handcuffs program rewarding her with $125 Million Dollars as she leaves. The widespread program strongly forced employees to bring in thousands of accounts. Having run out of friends and relatives, including their own children, employees began to use the bank's customer information.