In 1990 Thalía made her solo recording debut with a self-titled album, and in 1992 she began starring in a series of "Maria" telenovelas -- Maria Mercedes, Maria Mar, and Maria la del Barrio -- that earned her the title of la Reina de las Telenovelas (the Queen of the Telenovelas).

Alec Baldwin: Here’s the thing…

Trying to look ever so brooding, the extremely passionate Alec Baldwin has always had a bad temper and a gorgeous face. He fought with Kim Bassinger, he's fought with his daughter, he's had a lifetime of fighting with his brothers and he still fights the paparazzi. His fiery temperament is extremely entertaining. When New Yorkers (and tourists alike) see him walking the sidewalks of Manhattan, they immediately pull out their cell phones because if photographers approach, you can count on some fireworks.