Live “Real Time” Arraignments

REAL TIME LIVE VIDEO: Initial Proceedings: Monday through Friday: 1:15 pm Saturday-Sunday, Holidays: 9:30 am Plea Court: Wednesdays: 10:00 am x Periodically, juvenile court proceedings take place before jail initial appearance proceedings. This will delay the start time of the video stream until after all juvenile proceedings are complete.

The frugal Mick Jagger

She claimed she had to pay for everything related to the house and the children. Jagger later denied that this was true (but friends and family on all sides agree that Mick is a cheapskate). Her will was clearly written during happier times - she left him everything.


Four police officers were shot this weekend. Two police officers have been shot in separate incidents in what authorities are calling targeted attacks. One died; the other was shot twice in the face but was...


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame celebrates a uniquely American genre, one that's taken many forms over the decades — in Chuck Berry's soul, Bob Marley's reggae protest songs, Prince's flamboyant pop, and as...


Last year, Wikipedia's hypocritical Legal and Editorial Department staff gave completely opposite statements when it came to posting or editing a page. What they did not state was that in reality, 90% of the online Wiki Page Creators and Wiki Page Editors are current employees of Wikipedia. And yes, they are aware that their "terms of service" are not being respected by their own editors within Wiki or outside of Wiki.


Is zombie drug Flakka behind cannibal frat boy attack? Florida teen may have taken 'five dollar insanity' drug before 'stabbing to death random couple and feasting on dead man's FACE' Michelle...