Northrop Grumman, Embraer and Bankcoin

The Northrop Grumman corporation has scored the largest and the most important U.S. weapons contract in more than ten years. The deal is estimated at $84+ billion and that's coming right to the heart of Brevard County, FL. Brazilian based Embraer has also established its investment in Brevard County. Those two investments invite new technology to the area. Bankcoin crypto currency technology has been in the region for quite some time.

Bitcoin Casino Offers 100% Bonus

Betcoin Poker is one of three branches in the Betcoin franchise, along with Betcoin Casino and Betcoin Sports. Betcoin Poker, launched in late December of 2013, is the second branch of Betcoin, released after Betcoin Sports. Betcoin Poker founded themselves into an industry dominated by Seals With Clubs. Seals had always been by far the largest bitcoin poker option, and Betcoin sought to take some of the market share as their own. They competed with Seals to provide the highest quality poker experience on the market.